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The Homestay in Dak Nong decor is beautiful at once, will not forget

Check-in at these homestays in Dak Nong, you will be mesmerized by the impressive scenery, beautiful mountain city view, and experience only in the mountainous town of the Central Highlands. 

Dak Nong is not only famous for its majestic natural landscape and cool atmosphere but also makes visitors fascinated by beautiful tourist spots. Along with famous landscapes, homestays in Dak Nong also make visitors fascinated by their unique and impressive look. Although the homestay service in Dak Nong is not as developed as Da Lat, there are still many extremely high-quality homestays that promise to give visitors a true dream vacation.

Dak Nong owns many beautiful homestays, quality view. Photo: @_shiigoo

Attendance for homestays in Dak Nong is beautiful inside and out 

1. Montagnards Home Farm

The first thing that makes you infatuated when coming to this place is the rustic and style of the Central Highlands. This homestay in Dak Nong is built according to the Ede traditional stilt house architecture with rustic materials, close to the mountains and forests. This place has both a cafe bar, a romantic garden view with a beautiful garden view.

Montagnards Home Farm has architecture in the style of Ede houses. Photo: Montagnards Home Farm

At Montagnards Homefarm, you can indulge yourself with the soothing old music, enjoy carefully prepared drinks, and a variety of food. The garden scene here makes many visitors excited, especially, this place has many interesting “props” for you to live virtual. The homestay also has bicycle rental service, car on site, to serve tourists at reasonable prices.

The Homestay in Dak Nong decor is beautiful at once, will not forget
Chill in a sunset afternoon. Photo: Hoang Le Nhan

If you want to learn about coffee, Montagnards Homefarm is a great stop for you because it has a coffee farm so visitors can learn the process from harvesting to roasting and enjoying.

Address: House number 74 Hamlet 9A, Dak Lao, Dak Mil, Dak Nong

2.  Ta Dung TopView Homestay

This is the most famous homestay in Dak Nong , because it is located in the hottest destination in this country, Ta Dung, Ha Long, of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. There is no resort in Dak Nong that can help you capture the beauty of Ta Dung like at Ta Dung Topview Homestay.

No homestay in Dak Nong has a more beautiful view of Ta Dung than Ta Dung TopView Homestay. Photo: Ta Dung TopView Homestay

Staying here, you can immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of the mountains and forests of Dak Nong, all of which is in sight. At night, the scenery here becomes even more sparkling with sparkling stars, quiet and peaceful space.

The rooms are decorated very beautifully with full amenities. Photo: Ta Dung TopView Homestay

The design of rooms in Ta Dung Topview has a variety of colors and full amenities, which has an amusement park, swimming pool … suitable for your long-term vacation. 

Address: Hamlet 3, Dak Som, Dak Glong, Dak Nong

3. Sea Forest Homestay

Bien Rung is a homestay in Dak Nong  famous for its beautiful view and convenient location for popular tourist destinations. This is a homestay combined with a restaurant located in the heart of the lake in Dak Glong district.

Bien Rung Homestay is very convenient to find famous attractions. Photo: Forest Sea Homestay

This place is only 16km from Ta Dung, 8km from Lieng Nung waterfall . The design of rooms here is in the style of Tay Nguyen stilt house, but the interior is still modern, comfortable and cozy. Each room is facing the lake, so every morning you wake up, you can admire the beautiful sunrise.

Comfortable room, overlooking the lake. Photo: Forest Sea Homestay

In addition, when staying at the Bien Rung homestay you will not need to go far to find specialties, because the restaurant here serves a full range of the most famous specialties of the region. 

Address: Quang Khe, Dak Glong, Dak Nong

4. Me Garden Homestay Daknong

If you want a private, romantic and romantic space, MeGarden Valley is a homestay in Dak Nong that you should visit. This is a homestay located in the middle of a beautiful forest with horses leisurely grazing.

The space in MeGarden Valley is very romantic. Photo: MeGarden Valley

At this homestay you can clearly feel the breath of the mountains and forests with the echoing waterfall in the distance, the green and fresh scenery, listening to the chirping birds. 

Comfortable rooms of homestay MeGarden Valle. Photo: MeGarden Valley Homestay

MeGarden Valley has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms fully equipped with modern furniture so that visitors can comfortably live, eat, play and relax. Me Garden is one of the most beautiful homestays in Dak Nong today. 

Address: Church, Hamlet 8, Dak R’Lap, Dak Nong

Traveling to Dak Nong , instead of choosing hotels in a cramped city, the lovely homestay will be the ideal choice for you to immerse yourself in the mountain scenery, breathe fresh air. The above is the beautiful homestays in Dak Nong and are rated for the best quality by tourists who have ever experienced them. Please consult and book yourself a suitable apartment, to enjoy your full trip to Dak Nong mountain town.