26.11.2020, 10:58

Sa Pa blushes in shades of pink

Sa Pa blushes in shades of pink

Bui Xuan Viet from Dong Nai Province and Ao Kim Ngoc from Ho Chi Minh City made a trip to Sa Pa in late November.

Visitors can take the 4D National Highway, traveling about 8 km until the O Quy Ho kindergarten appears on the right. Opposite the kindergarten is a small path. About 500 m on it and the O Long tea hills appear.

The cherry blossoms start glowing when the sun shines on the tea hills. Viet said the blossoms will be in full bloom in the first week of December.

The cherry trees usually replace their leaves around October to November. In the chilly ambiance, the hot pink flowers add a shade of warmth.

The cherry trees were planted across the path of the tea hills, setting Sa Pa apart from other localities with cherry trees, like Da Lat or Kon Tum in the Central Highlands.

This area has become a favorite spot for visitors and photographers in recent years.

“Although we had been told about the beauty of this tea hill and the cherry blossoms here, we were still stunned into speechlessness,” Viet said.

Dawn and sunset are awesome times to take in the beauty of the landscape and capture it on film.

The landscape’s beauty notwithstanding, the main purpose of the hills is tea cultivation, so the number of visitors is limited. People who visit are requested not to litter, damage the tea trees or pick the flowers.

The last days of November and early December offer an ideal time frame to take in these wondrous sights and capture them for posterity.

Sa Pa is well-known for many other attractions like Mount Fansipan, nicknamed “roof of Indochina”, terraced rice fields, a Gothic stone church at its center, and Saturday night “love market”, a colorful exhibition of local ethnic minority culture.