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Sightseeing, praying for peace at the sacred Thac Bo Temple in Hoa Binh

Thac Bo Temple is a sacred temple in Hoa Binh. Located in Thac Bo, the prime location, which owns the charming natural scenery and is likened to ‘Ha Long on high’, is the most popular attraction. And if you are planning to visit the temple, the information and experiences below will be very helpful.

Introducing a few features of Thac Bo Temple

It is known that the temple of Lady Thac Bo is a temple to worship a legendary figure in the folk beliefs of Hoa Binh people, that is Lord Thac Bo. Her real name is Dinh Thi Van, according to the legend that she used to be a fairy in heaven, was descended by Ngoc Hoang as the daughter of the head of the Dinh family, with the task of chasing away foreign invaders and bringing peace. for country.

Sightseeing, praying for peace at the sacred Thac Bo Temple in Hoa Binh
The overall beauty of Thac Bo Temple in Hoa Binh

After the war against the foreign invaders won, she began to teach people how to go to the fields, farming, fishing, … and at the same time helped people to tame the Da River to bring peace and a stable life. for the people. And when she died, Hoa Binh people together set up Thac Bo Temple to express gratitude.

Time to visit Thac Bo Temple

The temple welcomes visitors from all over the world at all times of the year. However, on the full moon, 1st and other holidays, Tet is always the time when Thac Bo Temple is the most popular. Especially, if you can, come here to the Thac Bo Temple festival. The festival is held on January 7, but lasts until the end of the third lunar month

Discover the Lord Thac Bo Temple on the occasion of the New Year festival

Guide to Thac Bo Temple

Where is Chua Thac Bo Temple ? The temple was built in many places in Hoa Binh such as: Thung Nai commune, Vay Nua commune, … and the most famous is the temple in Ngoi Hoa commune.

And this article, luhanhvietnam will introduce you how to move to the most famous Thac Bo Temple address : Xóm Bung – Ngoi Hoa Commune – Tan Lac District – Hoa Binh.

According to the experience of going to Thac Bo Temple , the distance from Hanoi city center to Thac Bo is about 120km. The distance is not too far, so you can choose the following means:

– Traveling to Thac Bo Temple by motorbike: Motorbike will be the favorite means of backpackers. Before going, you need to maintain the car carefully to avoid damage arising while traveling. You can follow the following route: From the city center of Hanoi -> follow Ton Duc Thang street -> to Tran Duy Hung street, you continue to follow the highway 08 Me Tri -> go straight to Yen Son -> Xuan Mai town -> along Highway 6 -> to Cu Chinh Lan -> to Hoa Binh -> follow the foot of Cun slope -> go a little while then turn right to Thung Nai. At this point, ask the locals for directions to Thac Bo area.

Touring Thac Bo Temple by motorbike

– Take a passenger car to Thac Bo: It will be much simpler, you just need to go to My Dinh bus station to catch the bus to Hoa Binh. For example: Ha Son car company, Hai Van Express, Duy Tung, Hien Vinh, … with fares only about 50 – 120k / person.

After arriving at Hoa Binh bus station, you can take a motorbike taxi or taxi to Thac Bo Temple . Or you can also rent a motorbike in Hoa Binh to move to the temple yourself.

Explore Thac Bo Temple in Hoa Binh

Temple of Lady Thac Bo is known as a temple complex, including: Temple, Thac Bo Temple and Dong Tien. Each temple is located on a different island, so it will take you about 20 minutes to get to each temple by boat.

Experiences to come to Thac Bo Temple

According to the schedule to visit the Temple of the Lord, people who come here will move to the temple area first, then to the Temple. On the way you go, you will enjoy the fresh air, pleasant, with a pure space, admire the impressive natural beauty. The undulating mountains, deep green forests are silhouetted against the flat surface of the lake, bringing a strange feeling of peace.

Continue the experience journey to Thac Bo Temple and the next stop is the Temple area. To get here, you will have to conquer more than 100 stairs. From above the area of ​​the Temple of the Lord, take your eyes away you will be able to see the full beauty of nature here, which is like ‘Ha Long on high’. The inside of the temple is impressively designed, including 3 rooms and the roof is built in the style of a roll arch. In particular, coming to the Temple of God, besides celebrating the ceremony, offering incense to pray for good luck and peace, you can also discover the ancient bronze bell – Remnant artifacts, casted from February of the second Thanh Thai year. 6 more.

See the natural beauty from above while visiting the Lady Chua Thac Bo Temple

Lastly is the Dong Tien area – The most prominent tourist attraction in Thac Bo . Going deep inside you will find this place endowed with a beautiful space. With stalactites of diverse colors and shapes, but the majestic worshiping area, combined with yellow and red lights, creates a sparkling, fanciful space.

Spiritual area inside Tien cave at Thac Bo

Explore the cuisine while visiting the Temple of Thac Bo

After the journey to discover the sacred temple at Thac Bo, visitors should not forget to experience the food here. With so many delicious and attractive dishes in Hoa Binh you should enjoy such as: Leaf – dishes from pork and pork organs, grilled chicken, grilled chicken, delicious Da River grilled fish, and lam rice – Specialties in Hoa Binh ,…. Each dish has its own flavor, so take the time to enjoy it without missing any.

Enjoy grilled fish in Da River at Thac Bo

With the above experiences to go to Thac Bo Temple , hope to provide you with the necessary and useful information. If you have any questions, do not forget to leave a comment to get answers by Vinlove. Wish you have a complete and satisfactory trip!

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