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Lan Ha bay tour on a budget 2020

Most tourists travel to Vietnam have Halong Bay on their list of must-visit destinations and it makes Halong bay too crowded. However, it has the two neighboring bays that offer the same stunning scenery as Halong Bay, but without the crowds. If you prefer visiting more off-the-beaten-path destinations then a cruise in Lan Ha Bay is a perfect non-touristy. One of two bays is Lan Ha Bay, which sits just to the south of Halong bay. Below, we will introduce this wonderful bay and how to make an amazing Lan Ha bay tour on budget.
Lan Ha bay: a pristine bay
AlthoughLan Ha Bay on Cat Ba island doesn’t yet have the international fame of Halong Bay, you’ll find that the scenery is every bit as spectacular. Lan Ha Bay is farther from the mainland than Halong bay which means it is more isolated and much less developed from a tourism perspective. As an added bonus, Lan Ha Bay has dozens of picture-perfect white sand beaches tucked into its 400+ islands.
With Lan Ha Bay cruises, you’ll find far fewer boats, far fewer crowds, and cruise boats that offer a more luxurious experience. When relaxing on your sun deck you’ll be able to gaze upon the towering limestone cliffs instead of countless other boats blocking your view. And smaller boats mean larger suites and a more personalized experience onboard, also be more budget.
Getting to Lan Ha Bay
Lan Ha Bay Cruises depart from two main harbors:
Got Pier on Cat Hai island is the same harbor that you can catch the ferry for Cat Ba island. Gia Luan harbour on Cat Ba island, you can get there from Tuan Chau harbour or Got Pier.
The easiest and more budget way to travel from Hanoi to your cruise departure point is to let your cruise company arrange the transfer.
Almost all cruises offer a transfer service from Hanoi. Some will include it in the cost of the cruise while others will charge for it separately. It is typically $15-30 USD per person each direction for the transfer service. If you prefer a private transfer it can easily be arranged by your cruise company or your hotel in Hanoi.
What to do in Lan Ha Bay
Different boats offer different excursions around Lan Ha Bay but you’re likely to do a bit of kayaking in the many coves and exploring Cat Ba Island.
Most cruise ships offer an early morning Tai Chi lesson on the top deck. This is usually followed by a leisurely breakfast. Then the morning and afternoon schedules vary depending on your boat.
You may be taken to a beautiful, peaceful bay for some kayaking, or to one of Lan Ha Bay’s small beaches for an afternoon of relaxing. Many boats also stop at Cat Ba Island where you’ll hike in the national park or bicycle to a local village.
The most popular activities on Lan Ha Bay cruises include:
Exploring Bright and Dark Cave: These beautiful grottos are technically part of Halong Bay, but are right on the border of Lan Ha Bay and are a common day-one excursion. They are accessed through sea caves in the tall limestone cliffs. You’ll visit either by kayak or on a local bamboo boat.
Kayaking: The section of the bay that you explore by kayak varies from boat to boat, but almost every Lan Ha Bay cruise itinerary includes some kayaking. Ba Trai Dao island, Tra Bau, and Ba Ham Lake are popular areas for this activity due to their sheltered nature and beautiful scenery.
Visiting a floating fishing village: Ben Beo fishing village (sometimes also called “Cai Beo”) is one of several floating fishing villages in the area. You’ll see locals tending to fish farms, repairing boats, and just going about their daily chores.
Biking around Cat Ba island: You’ll cycle to the small village of Viet Hai where you’ll learn about the process of making rice wine and even try some from the latest batch.
Hiking in Cat Ba National Park: This national park covers over 40-square-miles of Cat Ba island and is home to the worlds most endangered primate, the golden-headed langur. There are a variety of hiking trails in the park but the most likely activity to be included in your cruise itinerary is a visit to Trung Trang cave.
The Best & Budget Cruises in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Legend cruise

Lan Ha Legend Cruise is one of the best choices in the middle rank cruises in Halong bay with 9 cabins & 20 people in maximum, wooden & traditional boat. The cruise visits also Halong bay, Lan Ha Bay & border line with Bai Tu Long bay. Although Lan Ha legend cruise is not a luxury & new boat but focusing on customer services & unique route. You will have an amazing experience with BBQ dinner, kayaking, swimming, go fishing, hiking, biking... at the beautiful, less touristy lagoons, beaches & places...
Lan Ha Legend Cruise
This cruise is a perfect choice for people who are budget travelers & like to visit the bay with the less tourist places. The cruise offers both 3 days 2 nights and 2 days 1 night itinerary.

Vietnam Tonkin cruise

Vietnam Tonkin Cruise is one of the most luxury Day cruise in Halong bay, launched from May, 2019 with modern style by steel. This cruise visits also Halong bay, Lan Ha Bay & Cat Ba island. Vietnam Tonkin Cruise offers 2 days/ 1 night route in one day only with kayaking, swimming, caving activities... at the beautiful, less touristy lagoons, & places...
Vietnam Tonkin Cruise
With these information, we hope you have an incredible experience cruising around Lan Ha Bay.