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10 hottest places to have fun in Da Nang at night in 2020

Da Nang is no stranger to tourists because of its natural landscapes such as Ba Na Hill, Son Tra Peninsula, My Khue Beach, Ngu Hanh Son, … However, if you are still wondering about Da Nang at night If you have anything to play, follow Vinlove to explore 10 hot places to have fun in Da Nang at night !

I. Places to play when Da Nang at night

1. Da Nang beach at night

Da Nang’s night sea is very beautiful, peaceful, both calm and gentle. Along the beaches in Da Nang, there are golden reflections under the water surface, looking very romantic.

Take a walk on the beaches in Da Nang at night. You will feel and breathe cool air, … away from the mess of daily work.

10 hottest places to have fun in Da Nang at night in 2020

Photo: @ Da Nang tourism

2. Sky 36 Bar

If young people want to gather with friends to relieve stress, then Sky 36 Bar is the best nightlife place in Da Nang for you. Coming to this Bar, you will admire the panoramic view of Da Nang city from above. This is worthy of the destination you must definitely visit.

There are also a number of other modern bars you can choose from:

OQ Lounge Pub DnD

Address 18 – 20 Bach Dang, Hai Chau District

On The Radio Pub

Address 35 Thai Phien, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

New Oriental Bar

Address 20 Dong Da, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city

Photo: @Foody

3. Explore the bridges on the Han River

In addition to being known as a romantic city, worth living, Danang is also known as the City of Bridges. The bridges are always suitable as check-in points as well as interesting nightlife for Da Nang youth.

Dragon Bridge

Coming to Da Nang without admiring the beauty of the Dragon Bridge at night is a major shortcoming. At 21:00 ′ Saturday and Sunday every week. You will admire the dragon spewing fire and water. Creates a very unique and interesting scene.

Photo: Zoomtravel

Han River Bridge

Han River Bridge is the symbol of Da Nang city. With the oldest age, Song Han Bridge is decorated with attractive and splendid lights. If you want to see the moment the Han River Bridge turns, wait until 24h00 ′!

Photo: @liberzy

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Thuan Phuoc Bridge at night also becomes magical and extremely beautiful. And this is also the longest bridge in Da Nang.

Photo: @ Da Nang tourism

Tran Thi Ly Bridge

Next to the Dragon Bridge you will see a sail-shaped Tran Thi Ly Bridge. From a distance, the shape of this bridge looks very similar to Nhat Tan Bridge in Hanoi.

Photo: @Danang Fantasticity

Nguyen Van Troi pedestrian bridge

Nguyen Van Troi pedestrian bridge next to Tran Thi Ly bridge. You can visit during the day and at night are both great. Many young people love virtual life.

Photo: @ pinterest.com

Love bridge

Love Bridge is an emerging entertainment destination in Da Nang in recent years. The bridge is built in Korean style, so it is very cute and romantic. This is a new check-in location in Da Nang, but it receives a lot of attention from young people. And this is also a pretty interesting location to watch the Han River and Da Nang city at night. There is also a beautiful marina Marina. Come here, you can freely live virtual roof ball.

photo: @ collect

4. Cruise on Han River

You will experience the panoramic view of the Han River and the panoramic view of the 2 riverside area at night. Along with that is enjoying a romantic meal. The Han River cruise has many trips a day and the departure timelines are 6:10 – 19h10 – 20h10 – 21h10. However, on Sunday the Han River Cruise will depart at exactly 8:00 pm.

If you are planning to experience a cruise on the Han River, you should book tickets for yourself and your friends in advance. Because currently in Da Nang there are only 11 yachts in operation, while the demand of visitors is increasing day by day. To own it for sure, you should register in advance to avoid ticket burn-out during weekends with events such as: Dragon flames or there are festivals taking place near the Han River.

Ticket price to Han River cruise is only about 120k / ticket.

Photo: @ Cruise Han River

5. Asian Park – Asian Park

This is a park located right next to the Han River, with an area of ​​more than 98ha. It has an abundance of indoor and outdoor games that are fascinating. An extremely eye-catching cultural space with the largest Sun Wheel in Vietnam. All of these have created the pride of the people of the city and the magical attraction for thousands of visitors.

The Sun Wheel is located in the Asian Park – Asian Park. The rotation will give you the opportunity to see the panoramic view of Da Nang city at night from above in the most complete way. Come here to experience this “chill” feeling!

photo: @ collect

II. List of ideal cafes watching Da Nang at night

1. Rattan Coffee

Possessing a beautiful, calm and airy space, May Coffee & Bar is suitable for gathering friends. Especially dating with a loved one … With a beautiful view overlooking the Han River, visitors will feel like embracing the whole city. What is more wonderful than coming here to enjoy the scenery and enjoy the hot and fragrant coffee. May Coffee & Bar is also an ideal space to record interesting moments with loved ones.

photo: @ collect

2. The Top Bar

The Top Bar is located on the 23rd floor of a 4-star A La Carte Da Nang Beach hotel. This place is designed with modern space architecture, overlooking the sea. This will be the ideal place for visitors to see the city at night and enjoy the best drinks. Especially, when stopping at The Top Bar, you can also “dance” to the most exciting music nights. Sip a cup of coffee, a cool cocktail or a beer and enjoy the cool night air of Danang. All will help you feel so light and comfortable.

photo: @ collect

3. Danang Souvenirs & Coffee

Danang Souvenirs & Cafe is one of the entertainment places in Da Nang at night that you should not miss. You can come here to eat, drink and shop for meaningful souvenirs for relatives. Located right on the most beautiful street of Da Nang city – Bach Dang, Danang Souvenirs & Cafe attracts many visitors’ attention.

The space here is designed to be simple, friendly and friendly. Here, you can both sip a delicious cup of coffee while watching the city at night with bright lanterns. Chat and chat with friends together or find inspiration for your work are ideal.

Photo: @ danangsouvenirs.com

4. PAPA Container Coffee

PAPA Container Coffee is a rather small coffee shop near the Da Nang bus station. The shop is designed with classic French style. You come here easily to see the image of France somewhere in the menu book or pictures on the wall with two main colors of blue and yellow. The attraction of PAPA Container Coffee is that each room has a lot of trees. This is also the reason why so many photographers come to create real photos. In addition to delicious drinks, this place also serves many attractive breakfast dishes.

Photo: Collectibles

5. Aquarium

Aquarium attracts visitors by its impressive aquatic model. In particular, there are many lakes around the restaurant. Located in the middle is a large cool lake, small lakes at the service counter and running along the walls. All give visitors a feeling of lightness and comfort.

If you are planning to find a place to avoid the sun in Da Nang city or simply sip a cup of coffee, the Aquarium will be a great choice. At the restaurant, you can enjoy drinks while watching beautiful and unique types of shrimp and fish. This is considered a relaxing place as well as an elegant enjoyment of the day.

Photo: @ Aquarium coffee

6. Ly Bang Phuong Coffee

Ly Bang Phuong cafe was formerly an old house on Hoang Van Thu street. After being reworked into a unique, romantic cafe. Ly Bang Phuong is one of the delicious cafes in Da Nang with a gentle and cool space. Here you can also shop for small and beautiful items as souvenirs. Or simply find a quiet space to read. In addition, Ly Bang Phuong cafe also attracts tourists by many new drinks such as Japanese coffee, fresh lemon juice, carrots …

Photo: @ Ly Bang Phuong coffee

III. What to eat when Da Nang at night

1. Helio Center complex entertainment center

Helio Center is the busiest entertainment complex in Da Nang. There is a night market with a lot of diverse and diverse stalls such as handmade items, fashion, cosmetics …

If you have visited Asia Park – Sun Wheel, by the way come here to enjoy Da Nang cuisine. And do not forget to buy for yourself cute souvenirs for friends and relatives.

Photo: @Bazan Travel

2. Son Tra night market

As a market with a relatively small age, Son Tra night market has quickly won the hearts of visitors. When you come here, you can freely shop. From fashion, souvenir stalls to handicrafts. Coming to Son Tra night market, visitors do not need to go anywhere far to enjoy attractive local dishes. It will not be difficult for you to find Central dishes such as snails, seafood, snacks (salads, mango shakes, toads), baked rice paper, pork rolls, Quang noodles … Son Tra night market promises appointment is an entertainment venue Da Nang at night that you cannot miss.

photo: @ collect

3. Pham Hong Thai Food Street

Pham Hong Thai Night Food Street is definitely a familiar destination for those who are originally from Da Thanh. Although the street is small, only 800 meters, it is a destination that attracts a lot of customers to visit and eat. This place is considered a Da Nang entertainment venue at night that is actively shared by the community. The street starts serving from 4pm to all night with dishes such as Quang noodles, grilled meat vermicelli, sauerkraut ramen, corn ramen, smoothie, … popular seafood pubs.

4. Hoa Khanh Night Market

The last place for Da Nang nightlife that the Vinlove tourism community wants to introduce to you is Hoa Khanh night market. This is a night market located right where there are many Universities and Colleges. Therefore, this place attracts a lot of students to shop and trade. The market has more than 100 stalls with a variety of goods from clothing, shoes to cosmetics, fruit, and food stalls.

The highlight at the gate of Hoa Khanh night market is a spacious food court with dozens of stalls. From a distance, you can smell the scent of “fragrant, cracked” dishes. The selling price here is also very reasonable, only from 40-50k / item. Through the food court will be the area selling clothes, cosmetics with a variety of types. There will be no shortage of popular items in the market for you to choose from. With the price from 50-100k, you can own yourself the right items.

Da Nang has never disappointed visitors because there are so many interesting things and the city always knows how to renew itself. With the above nightlife in Da Nang, Vinlove hopes to help you have a fun and exciting trip to Da Nang!