25.11.2020, 10:50

Explore the ‘edge of Da Lat’

LAM DONG – Dalat Leaving “bustling town”, going back to National Highway 20 to Dran town to feel the peace that is difficult to confuse.

Dran in Don Duong district, Lam Dong was formed at the same time as Da Lat city in the early twentieth century. The town is named by the French, halfway between two long passes, Dran and Ngoan Muc. A small corner of Dran town is located at the foot of the dam of Da Nhim hydropower reservoir.

From Da Lat one can look at Lac Lam parish in Dran, where musician Trinh Cong Son used to live, write letters to his lover in Hue and compose many songs for life.

Tourists pour Dran Pass on the road full of flowers, green pine and yellow sunshine.

At first, Dran was just a stop on the serrated railway from Phan Rang to Da Lat. After that, the workers working on railway lines, Cau Dat tea hill … stopped reclaiming and settling.

About 40 km from Da Lat city to Dran, visitors will easily encounter “pure natural” vegetable terraced valleys. The automatic watering system was installed by Da Lat farmers for agricultural production.

The hills are leveled, forming beautiful terraced fields seen from above.

A small house by green vegetable beds in the suburbs of Dalat.

The sagging cones with the green color of the vegetables, the crunchy laughter of the rural women in the suburbs will make your soul dispel the fatigue and pressure of work.

In November, all over the hills and mountains, to the land of Don Duong, Duc Trong … covered with the golden color of wild flowers.

A corner church of Don Duong helps visitors feel the peace of this land after a long journey of discovery. From Dran, tourists can follow National Highway 27 to Phi Nom junction to return to Da Lat or down Ngoan Muc pass to explore Ninh Thuan.