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Handsome tourist enjoy trying the popular Vietnamese porridge

 The American travel blogger has tried many street food in Ho Chi Minh City, including the famous porridge.

Max McFarlin is not an unfamiliar name in the world travel community. This blogger is from Arkansas, USA.

On his personal channel, Max shared that he “wants to travel around the world, meet wonderful friends and taste all the delicacies along the way”.Handsome Western guests try to eat popular Vietnamese porridge

With a great passion for travel, especially for street food, Max has made many trips with different cultural experiences, and of course, many great dishes are indispensable.

With Asian countries, this handsome blogger has set foot in Korea, India, Thailand, Laos and even Vietnam.

During his trip to the “S-shaped strip of land”, Max stopped in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, enjoying many famous street food, from fish cakes, broken rice, bun cha, rolls, fried chicken with fish sauce, bread, hot pot dishes, even porridge.

Handsome tourist enjoy trying the popular Vietnamese porridge
This popular porridge shop has been known for a long time by many food lovers

Max chose a porridge shop located in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. It is a popular porridge shop but quite famous with the culinary world.

In fact, porridge is a simple and relatively popular porridge dish on the culinary map of Vietnam, widely sold in many restaurants across the country from North to South.

Porridge heart is the porridge dish that many Vietnamese love. 

The porridge is cooked not too picky in the usual cooking way, with a combination of sweet broth made from pork bones or broth. Therefore, the porridge is quite typical brown color of pig’s secretion, the upper side is covered with visceral dishes such as sausage, young heart, liver, stomach …

He tasted the first spoon and found the taste very rich

When we arrived at the restaurant, the first impression of Max was that the ingredients were available in the pot and cooked porridge so it looked eye-catching.

“The brown porridge looks pretty fancy. Aside from the taste, I love the way the ingredients are in this dish,” Max said. And when he tasted the first spoon, he felt “the porridge is melted in his mouth because the rice is well cooked and soft”.

Eat with crunchy crunches for the right tune

To be in tune, Max also ate porridge with crispy crunches and found it perfect. The owner of the restaurant serves each additional porridge with a separate sauce to eat with your heart, increasing the taste stimulation.

With this porridge, the American blogger found that “the taste is very rich” and suitable as a light breakfast.

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