25.11.2020, 10:15

Food “suffering” waiting for nearly 5 hours to “come out” still makes diners fascinated

The golden pieces of bacon after being marinated with fragrant spices are arranged in a bowl and then steamed for several hours.

Khau khau (also known as khau khau, lying stitched) is a dish originating from Guangdong, China, which was imported into Vietnam for a long time. Over time, the stage of humiliation has become a famous dish of some regions in the northern provinces such as Lang Son and Bac Giang.

Especially, in Tien Yen district, Quang Ninh province, the dish of humiliation has also become a famous specialty of the local people.

The name of this dish comes from the Chinese transliteration, in which “stitch” means “steamed to soft” and “humiliation” means “meat”. Therefore, the stage of humiliation is understood as a steamed meat dish that is steamed to maturity.

Food “suffering” waiting for nearly 5 hours to “come out” still makes diners fascinated
Many diners humor that enjoying this dish “both miserable and humiliating” is partly because of its unique name. Photo: Trang Pham

Ms. Le Thi Hoa – the owner of a well-known family heirloom shop in Dong Tien 2, Tien Yen town, Quang Ninh province, with nearly 30 years of profession, said that the decisive factor is important to the quality of the dish. This is bacon. It is necessary to choose the type of meat with a clear origin, ensuring food hygiene and safety. Bacon is only chosen as the type that is neither too lean nor too fat and has 3 lean layers is the best.

The only bought bacon is shaved, cleaned and then left to boil through boiling water, removing dirt and making the meat firm.

Meat is picked out and carried out “prickling” with special tools with pointed tips. Pour evenly over the skin to keep the meat crispy and easy to absorb spices.

Then, apply a layer of honey to the surface of the meat and then drop the meat into a pan covered with oil, wait 4-5 minutes when you see the beautiful yellow skin that you can remove.

At first glance, the stitching is quite similar to the stewed meat, but this is a very sophisticated dish. Photo: Hoa Kieu

In order to make a delicious dish, it is indispensable for the important special spices including sticky rice, garlic onion, instant cardamom, cardamom (tofu), and sauteed (salted lemon). All are chopped, minced and mixed well. 

The brown steaks are sliced ​​into pieces, marinated with soy sauce and finely chopped spices. Wait for the spice to soak in for about 30 minutes, then place the meat in a bowl. The seasoning part is covered on the surface of the meat.

To make the dish, the full bowls of meat after the seasoning are steamed at 100 degrees C for more than 4 hours.

When eating, place the plate on the top of the bowl and then turn it upside down, creating a nice round shape. Photo: Nam Fat Kitchen

The unique decoration of the dish humiliates also has a special meaning. The meat is arranged on a plate in the shape of a small rising hill showing the will and growth in the future.

Standard stitching has a fragrant nose from nearly 10 spices attached. The brown flesh of the cockroach wings is ripe and tender. Bringing to the mouth the feeling of the melt in the oral cavity without creating a feeling of goosebumps.

This dish often appears on special occasions such as Tet holidays and weddings of local people.

Mr. Pham Tuan – Hoa’s son shared, every day the family sells about 300-400 bowls of humiliation. During the peak period, the whole family worked their hands in time to complete the 800 delivery rates for customers. 

Not only in Quang Ninh, Lang Son or Bac Giang, but the dish is also sent to many other provinces in the country to serve the needs of enjoying famous specialties of diners. Many Chinese currently live in provinces such as the city. Ho Chi Minh still often makes this dish on special occasions.

Many diners who have the opportunity to enjoy the Tien Yen suture dish are delighted and will forever remember the greasy taste of the meat along with the sniffle aroma of the accompanying spices.