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Learn about Mang Lang Church of Phu Yen

Referring to one of the most famous ancient churches in Vietnam today, it is impossible not to mention the Mang Lang Church of Phu Yen. This is the church that still holds a lot of national language books published in the first years of Father Alexandre de Rhodes.

This place has become a Phu Yen tourist destination that is loved by many people. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to come here to explore, you should take a moment to visit this church once to know. For sure, this old church will bring you a lot of new experiences and discoveries.

1. About the Mang Lang Church of Phu Yen

This church is located about 35km north of the city center. This place was built in 1892 and up to now this is the oldest church in our country. This church was built by a Frenchman named J oseph de La Cassagne. The religious people here often call him Co Xuan. He was the first priest of the Church of Mằng Lăng Phu Yen . The person responsible for the main construction of this ancient church. 

Photo: @koko_naoki

Mang Lang is also a place to keep many cultural and historical values ​​of our country. In which, the first national language books of Vietnam were preserved by this church.

Many people often say that if you have the opportunity to return to Nau land but have never visited the Mang Lang Phu Yen church , it is a pity. This church is located in An Trach commune, Tuy An district. The reason this church is called Mang Lăng because in the past, the elders here took the name of the centuries-old plant to name this church. 

Learn about Mang Lang Church of Phu Yen
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Currently, this tree species has disappeared and the only vestiges of it is the name associated with this Mang Lang church in Phu Yen. The first priest of this church has been carved a statue and placed in a very solemn position at Mang Lang Phu Yen.

2. Discover the beauty of Mang Lang Church

The most special thing when you step foot in this church to visit is to admire the unique works of this place. The architecture of this church is boldly Gothic in design. This is an architectural style dating back to 1200 years and until today there are very few works that still retain its own unique characteristics.

Photo: @minh__meo

Mang Lang Church of Phu Yen was built with a peak of two bell towers located on both sides. This is a characteristic of Gothic architecture. In the middle will be designed the cross. This cross is the symbol of the church in the cathedral. The exterior of the facade is designed in a domed fashion. At first glance you will look like a very beautiful bamboo shoot. 

Photo: @ binlun11

The ceiling is designed and lined with wooden fonts. At this point the design is a bit different from the typical Gothic design. The next highlight that this Mang Lang church creates that impression is the open design between the two compartments of the central space of the cathedral. 

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The next feature that you can mention is that although this place is designed in Gothic style, it is still subtle and contains typical cultural features of Vietnam. That is the image of the intricately carved interior motifs. This is the design at the main door of the Church of Mằng Lăng Phu Yen .

Photo: @ bongmy0212

When you come to this cathedral to explore, you will see that this place exudes a very attractive beauty that is ancient when the coating outside is characteristic gray green. Over time this paint color has become more or less frayed. 

Compared with famous churches in Vietnam, Mằng Lăng is not too big and the interior design is not too fussy. However, it is the simplicity that makes this place even more special and attractive.

Photo: @pinwongshakorn

In addition, the special thing that makes this place even more attractive is the cathedral cave of Mang Lang Phu Yen Church located in the heart of a hill. Although it is just an artificial hill and it is located at the main entrance, but thanks to that, this cathedral has created its own mark.

Photo: @thhh

When you step foot here, you will feel like you are lost in the mysterious world. In particular, the dome and the foot of this church look very special. It is like a stalactite block of Ha Long Bay. That said, enough for you to understand how attractive and unique the Mang Lang Church is?

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At this church there is an eight-day Sermon. This is the first book printed in Vietnamese national language. Therefore, not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists are also very eager to explore this ancient catechism book.

Especially in this cave, there are many pictures of Mang Lang Church of Phu Yen from previous years. The time of the 90s is accompanied by many other valuable artifacts of this place. Therefore, when visiting here, visitors will discover a lot of different beauty of this oldest cathedral in Phu Yen.

Photo: @tranggjun

Anyone who has the opportunity to visit Phu Yen cannot miss the opportunity to visit this ancient church. Because with hundreds of years old, this place is really a very attractive destination for tourists. Especially those who want to explore this Central Coast.

Besides the ancient beauty, Mang Lang Phu Yen Church is also a place to retain many cultural and historical values ​​of this place. Therefore, if you want to learn more about this land, you should come here to visit and explore. Surely this destination will help you learn a lot of interesting things that you can not feel everywhere.