23.11.2020, 08:04

A Phu couple’s unique coffee in the heart of Saigon

In the midst of noisy and noisy Saigon center, many diners still scramble to find the A Phu couple’s house – a space “nestled” by the Nhieu Loc canal – to enjoy coffee and watch and take pictures in the space. Bold colors of the Midwestern Midlands …A Phu couple’s coffee in the heart of Saigon

Here, the images of Ta Xua, Hong Ngai, Hang Dong, Hang Chu … are famous places in the highlands of Bac Yen district (Son La) that glimpsed in the work “A Phu couple” by the late family. Van To Hoai … hidden in the space of My House cafe. 

The feeling of stepping into the house of the A Phu couple, the prominent characters in the textbook makes many visitors come here with mixed curiosity and excitement.

The space of the restaurant is prominent in a corner
In the morning, this place often serves coffee for the elderly diners to watch traffic
Looking at the decoration, we can understand the level of “willing to play” of the owner  
According to the staff here, the shop has only been opened for a few months, but the customers are quite diverse, they come here because of the decoration style from time to time.
A Phu couple’s unique coffee in the heart of Saigon
Currently, the shop is decorating bunches of corn hanging from the attic, a bumper image …  
The stairs lead to the first floor, where air-conditioned rooms are served  
Here, customers self-serve
For diners with little time, they often choose right on the front porch, drink coffee and quickly exchange work and then quickly leave.
If you have time, diners can enjoy a cup of egg coffee
If you have to buy to go, diners can enjoy My House tea with chia seeds, goji berries, red apple, pineapple leaf juice …
The shop does not have a management, operates under the model of self-managed staff with all of the students working part-time
In the afternoon of the sun, the shop space looks more mysterious and poetic
If you start with a little time, customers will be loaned to Northwestern ethnic costumes by the shop to take pictures …
Photography props and costumes are completely free
Ms. Thu Thao (residing in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City) has not been able to travel to the Northwest for a long time, so come here to find a little atmosphere of the mountains and forests of my hometown.  

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