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Chrysanthemum garden with thousands of people love it, taking pictures “don’t want to go back” in Ninh Binh

In the middle of Trang An heritage core zone, a pure white chrysanthemum garden is in full bloom. Thousands of visitors flocked to “check in” at this “1 no 2” flower garden, so passionate about taking pictures that … didn’t want to go home.

Chrysanthemum garden with thousands of people love it, taking pictures “don’t want to go back” in Ninh Binh
The chrysanthemum flower garden is causing “fever” in Ninh Binh, located in Thung Nham tourist area, in the core zone of Trang An world heritage.
For many years, Thung Nham (Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh) has been known as an attractive tourist destination by its beautiful scenery, exotic bird gardens, fresh air, also known as the valley. of thousands of flowers.
Each season, in Thung Nham there is a different flower species, depending on the weather and major holidays of the year.
In the last days of November 2020, the chrysanthemum flower garden in Thung Nham was in full bloom. Pure chrysanthemum color whitens an entire area.
In recent days, tourists from all over the country flocked to Thung Nham to be “checked in” with “1 no 2” chrysanthemum garden in Ninh Binh.
Many people when they first arrived were surprised with a large chrysanthemum garden of thousands of square meters in bloom. The color of chrysanthemum with pure white color creates a strange attraction.

Many photographers, or photographers, also flock to the chrysanthemum garden to take pictures of life at the only daisy garden in the heritage area.
Not only young people but also many elderly women take advantage of “check in” with traditional ao dai.
Tourists walk around to admire the thousands square meter chrysanthemum garden to admire the whole beautiful flower garden in full bloom in Ninh Binh.
Many visitors to the chrysanthemum garden are passionate about taking pictures “forgetting the way back”.

The chrysanthemum garden in Thung Nham will bloom from now to the end of November and the early days of December.
Ms. Lan, an employee of the Thung Nham tourism area, shared that the flower garden was blooming on the occasion of Teachers’ Day in Vietnam this year, so it attracted a lot of teachers and students to visit and take pictures. To pay tribute to the teachers, the owner of the flower garden also had attractive promotions for teachers when coming to take photos at the flower garden.

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