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Memorial for Nguyen Sinh Sac, the father of Ho Chi Minh

Memorial for Nguyen Sinh Sac, the father of Ho Chi Minh
The temple dedicated to Nguyen Sinh Sac.

Nguyen Sinh Sac was born in Sen village in the central Vietnamese province of Nghe An. He took the Huong exam in 1894 and won his bachelor's degree. In 1901 he took the Hoi exam and won the Pho Bang. Nguyen Sinh Sac moved to the Imperial City of Hue in June 1906. Before that he was invited several times by the local authorities to work for the then government of the king. He worked there in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hue. The patriotic large farmer, Le Quang Hien had invited him to Cao Lanh in 1917. He made long-term plans to stay in Cao Lanh. The father of Ho Chi Minh worked as a medicinal herb medic and worked as a teacher. He died at the end of 1929. The locals built this memorial for him in gratitude for his career in Cao Lanh.

The grave of Pho Bang Nguyen Sinh Sac was modest in the beginning. The villagers were gradually expanding it, said the memorial leader Huynh Nhu.

“The Memorial to Nguyen Sinh Sac was built in 1975 and inaugurated two years later. The memorial initially included the grave of Nguyen Sinh Sac, the honorary post and the stilt house of Ho Chi Minh as in the capital Hanoi. In 2010 the memorial was expanded by around nine hectares, as it is today. "

Nguyen Sinh Sac's tomb was decorated with granite. The roof is shaped like a lotus leaf. Not far away is a lotus pond like in his home village.

In the memorial there is a model of the village of Hoa An, where Ho Chi Minh's father spent the last years of his life. Plus the local Nguyen Thu Lan.

“The nature is beautiful here and the memorial is big and sacred. I am proud that my home province of Dong Thap is the memorial for the father of Ho Chi Minh .

The ornamental plants in the memorial are also beautiful. They are gifts primarily from the country's top politicians. A wooden statue of the nine dragon heads and a statue of the twelve signs of the zodiac according to the Vietnamese lunar calendar by the local artist Le Tri Lien can be seen. The memorial is important for educating the young generation, said the director of the Phan Thi Vu Quyen memorial.

“The students in Dong Thap should learn about the history of the area. For example, the party was held at the memorial. The memorial has been restored many times and is intended to become an attraction for tourists. We want to build another room to display the exhibits about the life of President Ho Chi Minh .

Every year around half a million tourists from home and abroad visit Ho Chi Minh's father's memorial in Dong Thap.

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