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The original cultural and tourist features of the municipality of Ban Phùng

The original cultural and tourist features of the municipality of Ban Phùng
Ban Phùng village. Photo: http://baohagiang.vn

Nhân Dân online - Located about 30 km from the center of Hoàng Su Phi district, Ban Phùng commune, northern mountainous province of Hà Giang (of Vietnam) is one of the attractive destinations thanks to the poetic beauty of the rice fields on an undulating terrace in the midst of majestic natural landscapes and the unique culture of the ethnic minorities living in this region. In recent years, the municipal authorities have focused on developing tourism in order to make it a leading economic sector.

On the way to the town of Ban Phùng, we find many species of wild flowers, we hear the murmur of streams. Further on, on two sides of the path, we see small houses between the terraced fields. The lush rice terraces blend with the green of the mountains and forests, creating more attraction.

The town of Ban Phùng attracts visitors with the cultural features of the La Chi ethnic group. This represents 96% of the population of the commune and preserves many unique cultural characteristics, including the worship ceremony of Hoàng Vân Thùng and the Têt Khu Cu Tê.

In the 7th lunar month of each year, when the rice and corn plants become lush, the village chooses a splendid day to worship ancestors during Têt Khu Cù Tê. When the ceremony ends, gongs and drums sound, locals invite visitors to eat specialties from their agricultural work. Besides the spiritual significance, Têt Khu Cù Tê also represents a salient cultural trait of the local inhabitants.