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The attractive autumn in Hanoi

The attractive autumn in Hanoi
The green rice flakes and persimmons are gifts for parents and Grandparents in autumn. (Photo: kienthuc.net.vn)

In autumn, the weather in Hanoi is particularly mild and pleasant because the solar radiation is no longer so strong and the season with rain and typhoon is just over. Autumn lasts from the beginning of September to November, which brings typical cool winds and retains the humid warmth of summer. Autumn can be felt in every corner of the alleys and streets in Hanoi, where you can feel a strange and ordinary feeling. When you remember Hanoi, you remember autumn. Ho Thi Sau has returned home twice from Europe. The nostalgia is a harmony that is not easy to name. She was a special attraction, said Sau:

“When I returned home in 1996 I visited Hanoi several times. I like to visit Hanoi in autumn because I can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. ”

The golden sunlight of autumn in Hanoi can easily touch people. The early morning sunlight is wonderfully beautiful, which brings a gentle ancient beauty to the capital. Streets, houses, flowers and autumn weather collapse gently and coolly. Autumn makes people's souls calmer. Not only the Hanoi people, but also the visitors love the autumn in Hanoi, among them the student Phan Huyen Thu from the Technical University of Hanoi:

“The autumn weather in Hanoi is cool and pleasant. When autumn comes, the scenery at Hoan Kiem Lake is more beautiful. Everyone likes to go for a walk here. Hanoi is especially beautiful in autumn. That is the reason why many people from the west and I like to travel to Hanoi to enjoy autumn and to photograph the beautiful landscape in autumn. ”

The green rice flakes are considered a specialty in autumn in Hanoi. On these days you can smell the smell of green rice flakes all over Hanoi. Many places can now produce this rice product. But no green rice flakes are as delicious as the green rice flakes from the village of Vong in Hanoi's Cau Giay district. If you visit Hanoi, you shouldn't miss this specialty as a souvenir:

-You can eat green rice flakes right away. They are made from young rice.

-I am impressed by the smell of green rice flakes. It's the second time I've been able to enjoy the autumn weather in Hanoi. It's hard to describe. I find autumn in Hanoi very fascinating.

Autumn is the blooming time of numerous trees. Among them, the flowers of the devil's tree are referred to as the soul of Hanoi's city. Just a devil tree during the flowering period can fill a street corner with fragrance. If you visit the streets like Nguyen Du, Le Duan and Quan Thanh on these days, you can feel the typical aroma of this flower. The Hanoi Pham Quoc Hung said:

“Autumn in Hanoi is very beautiful because it has the blossoms of the devil's tree - a symbol of the city of Hanoi. They have a particularly strong scent that is easy to distinguish from other flowers. ”

Autumn in Hanoi is gentle and touching. It brings homesickness to the people who live far from Hanoi and the desire to visit Hanoi again for tourists. The people who currently live in Hanoi also want to slowly enjoy autumn on these days.

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