18.10.2020, 02:23

Top cloud hunting locations in the last months of the year

When it comes to northern cloud hunting paradise, Y Ty (Lao Cai) is the most familiar place with mountain peaks and cloudy roads all year round. Visitors who come to Y Ty in the last months of the year will get surrounded by a vast sea of clouds, which looks just like heaven. The most beautiful and famous cloud destinations are on the road from A Lu to Ngai Thau, Y Ty "park" in Choanen village, Ky Quan San, Lao Tham.

Bach Moc Luong Tu (or Ky Quan San) is a mountain peak at an altitude of 3,046 m, the second-highest in Lao Cai, only after Fansipan. Once a desolate mountain top for breeding and cultivation of the Mong people, in recent years, Bach Moc Luong Tu has become an attractive destination for those who love climbing and cloud hunting. (Photo: VN Express)
Sa Pa town is also a famous cloud viewing spot in Lao Cai province, where it gets cloudy and foggy every morning and late sunset nearly all year round. If you come to Sa Pa, don't miss the experience of climbing or taking the cable car to the top of Fansipan. (Photo: VN Express)
Top cloud hunting locations in the last months of the year
Ta Xua peak of 2,865 m high, bordering two districts of Tram Tau (Yen Bai) and Bac Yen (Son La), is one of the highest peaks of Vietnam. The four sides are surrounded by high mountains, so this place often appears dense clouds covering and rolling like ocean waves. The best time to go cloud hunting in Ta Xua is from October to April next year. (Photo: VN Express)
Ta Nhi Chu - the roof of Yen Bai province with a height of 2,979 m is the 7th highest peak in Vietnam. Located in Xa Ho commune, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province, this mountain peak was conquered by tourists for the first time in 2013 and was called the "cloudy paradise on earth" because it is always covered by a sea of clouds. The journey to conquer Ta Chinh Nhu usually lasts 2 days 1 night, so it is ideal for weekend trips. (Photo: VN Express)
Hang Kia - Pa Co is 40 km from the center of Moc Chau town. In order to get to this place, visitors have to drive along Highway 6 from Moc Chau, take a turn to Pa Co market and drive another 7 km. The perfect time to hunt for clouds in this locality is the early morning of the last months of the year. (Photo: VN Express)
In the last months of the year, if visiting Da Lat, tourists should not miss the cloud hunting spots such as Tran hill, Da Phu, Thien Phuc Duc, Liang Biang mountain, Cau Dat tea hill. Tran hill is chosen by many couples to take wedding photography, Da Phu hill, Thien Phuc Duc is perfect for an overnight camping trip, Liang Biang Mountain is loved due to its climate and romantic folks. (Photo: VN Express)
Cau Dat tea hill is also a famous check-in point for many young people. Unlike other mountains, Cau Dat attracts visitors with its unique scene of white cloud surrounding green tea hills. Cau Dat also offers tea picking experience. (Photo: VN Express)