18.10.2020, 19:03

The digital transition, an essential trend in tourism

The digital transition, an essential trend in tourism
Vietnam's must-see destinations.
Photo: VOV /CVN

The forecasts were made by tourism professionals who believe that there is no other alternative to the situation to remedy the situation than the digital transition.
The digital transition of tourism businesses is most dynamic in marketing. Vietnam's National Tourism Administration (ANTV) is currently cooperating with several foreign partners. Thus, the giants like Arts and Culture and Youtube of Google are now participating in the promotion of Vietnamese cultural and tourist products.
For Hà Van Siêu, deputy director of ANTV, digital technology is an inevitable development trend in the sector. " The digital transition involves both businesses and consumers ", He says. And note that " Companies must build a large database of all of its products and services. They must also create applications to promote them in the market ".
ANTV encourages companies to create start-ups and to apply new digital technologies as widely as possible in their activities, including virtual and augmented reality.