18.10.2020, 14:25

The distinctions of the commune of Ban Liên in Lào Cai

The distinctions of the commune of Ban Liên in Lào Cai
The village of Ban Lien, in Lao Cai, a popular destination for travelers.

Visitors can not only admire the beauty of the majestic mountains and the villages nestled near the terraced crops, but also immerse themselves in the daily life of the local inhabitants by participating with them in agricultural activities, a most interesting experience.
In Ban Lien, the traditional house on stilts characterizes the traditional culture of the Tay and represents one of the major tourist attractions for visitors. Today, these traditional accommodations are increasingly turning into homestays that attract tourists. In addition, going to Ban Lien is now easier than before because 90% of the roads in the region have been concreted.
Each year, new houses on stilts are built but the village still has many old houses welcoming several generations of the same family.
According to Vang A Su, vice-president of the People's Committee of Ban Lien commune, the Tay have long lived in houses on stilts. Although many households have built new solid buildings in recent years, most residents still own properties with houses on stilts because they represent their family treasure. This village has nearly 486 households, of which 400 households keep their traditional houses. Thus, many families still live in their houses with a double-layer roof of latan leaves, built according to the traditional method.
Today, the natural palm forests and Shan Tuyet tea hills are still well preserved by the people of Ban Lien. In the future, these unique beauties must be preserved to attract more tourists, thus increasing the income of local inhabitants.
Text and photo: Ngoc Trinh - Gia Dung /CVN