17.10.2020, 00:14

Lethnie Cham in Ninh Thuân celebrates Kate 2020

Lethnie Cham in Ninh Thuân celebrates Kate 2020
A dance performance during the Katê 2020 party in Ninh Thuân (Center).
Photo: Nguyên Thành /VNA /CVN

The Katêa feast began with the procession of the holding of the goddess Po Sah Inu, then the prayer for health, peace, a good harvest
On this occasion, the local authorities offered gifts and offered their best wishes to the Cham ethnic group.
According to Lê Van Binh, vice-chairman of the People's Committee of Ninh Thuân province, in recent years, the Party, the state and local authorities at all levels have taken many initiatives and policies to support socio-economic development. areas of ethnic minorities in general and of the Cham ethnic group in particular. Authorities have also focused on preserving traditional cultural values ​​and Cham festivals.
The Katê festival, celebrated every year in October (beginning of 7 E Month of the Cham calendar), aims to commemorate the geniuses Po Klaung Girai and Po Rome. It is one of the popular festivals of Cham culture. Its wealth is not limited to ancient temples and other places of preservation, it also extends to other areas: offerings, costumes, musical instruments and psalms to the glory of the benefactor kings.
The Katê festival was registered in 2017 as a national intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.