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Thuân An, a peaceful beach in Huê

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Thuân An, a peaceful beach in Huê
Thuan An beach in Hue, province of Thua Thien-Hue (Center).
Photo: CTV /CVN

15 km from the city of Hue, located in the Phu Vang district of the province of Thua Thien-Hue, in the Center, the beach of Thuan An, "peaceful" in French, remains uncrowded compared to its famous neighbors. Very quiet, it offers visitors an ideal relaxation area. On weekends, tourists go there to bathe and contemplate the beauty of the natural landscapes.
Thuan An is a favorite place to relax after visiting the ancient Imperial City, the many pagodas, tombs and temples offered by the city of Hue. The beach is often frequented by locals who come to take the fresh air and swim, especially from April to September.
In the wild
From the city of Hue, it takes 15 minutes by car (30 minutes by motorbike or 45 minutes by bike) to get to Thuan An beach. Two paths are available to visitors who can take the main road or go along Huong River (Perfume River) to discover its poetic landscapes. Upon arrival, travelers are always amazed at the raw beauty of the site.
Right next to the Thuan An estuary, the Perfume River flows into the Tam Giang lagoon and empties into the Eastern Sea, finally mingling with the vast ocean.
Tam Giang Lagoon . Photo: VNA /CVN

In summer, when temperatures are relatively high in Hue, the beach is a refuge for locals who gather there to enjoy the fresh air and cool off in the sea. The atmosphere is always lively and a little festive air reigns there. Thuan An is a must-see destination for anyone going to Hue. Its beauty is a mixture of nature and human. Travelers rest there, bathe there, are delighted to discover the surrounding fishing villages and to enjoy the local gastronomy.
It is not difficult to find your own secret spot along the dozen kilometers of white sand that Thuan An offers. The landscapes are beautiful there at all hours. At dawn, the waves form a grandiose rosy picture. At sunset, the small boats, scattered over the peaceful surface of the sea, bring the fishermen back to the village. A beautiful romantic evening promises to be on this endless beach, a real little piece of paradise by the sea.
An authentic experience
From Thuan An Bridge, visitors admire the Tam Giang Lagoon and the sparkling sun setting over the surface of the sea. The beach is also a spiritual place where pilgrims come to pray. The Thai Duong temple, respected by the villagers, is open to visitors who can discover the shrine of the Whale God, the totem animal of sea fishermen.
During the crowded summer days, Thuan An comes alive with local life. Vendors roam the beach, families get together, and kids run around. These fun and lively scenes promise you an authentic experience of life in Hue.
Mai Huong /CVN