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Unique road along the Câu river

Unique road along the Câu river
Unique road along the Cau river. Photo: Minh Minh /NDEL.

Nhan Dan Line - Along the Cau River that crosses the Kinh Bac region in northeastern Vietnam, the road passes a traditional pottery village. Stacks of dry wood can be seen rising there for the potters' kilns. This helps to create the rustic decor typical of this land.

The Phu Lang pottery village continues a tradition spanning almost 500 years of history. As are other famous pottery villages in the north, such as the ceramic villages of Bat Trang in Hanoi and Chu Dau in Hai Duong province.

The municipality of Phu Lang enjoys a magnificent panorama. It is ideally located between the river and the hills. The river is always filled with boats that slowly sail along its banks.

Following the main road that leads to the entrance of the village, visitors can discover the traditional ceramic kilns, as well as the many products made by the artisans of the village. The road leading to the dike is at the end of the village, but few people walk along the river bank and therefore do not have the opportunity to see the gigantic piles of dry wood intended for the kilns.

Strolling along the Cau river, starting from Bac Ninh, is a unique experience for tourists who wish to enjoy the peaceful beauty of the countryside. If you pass Que Vo district, then arrive in Phu Lang commune and Thu Cong village, you will have the opportunity to discover the mountains of firewood piled up on both sides of the river. This wood comes from the North-West provinces located upstream downstream of the river. The dry wood is laid out on the grass along the dike and forms carefully constructed piles. This long road, with these piles of firewood winding along the dike, gives the impression of a well-off and prosperous rural life.

Currently, although pottery production has been modernized with many machines and equipment, the people of Phu Lang still heat their kilns with traditional firewood. This cooking method retains both the rustic and natural color of clay and does not pollute the environment like using charcoal or gas.

The commune of Phu Lang has 6 villages, the village of Phu Lang being the main place of production, while the villages of Doan Ket and Thu Cong have a slightly lower production.

Located less than 5 km from the Luc Dau Giang river, this artisan village is always lively. You can see the unloading of equipment on the quays to the various manufacturing sites in the village.

Phu Lang pottery is raw, rough and rustic, but diverse in appearance, each household makes its own type of pottery such as decorative, household and worship pottery.