13.09.2020, 20:27

Dà Nang Fantastic Festival 2020

Dà Nang Fantastic Festival 2020
Quang noodles, a traditional dish from the land of Quang. Photo: danang.gov.vn

Nhân Dân online - As part of the activities of the Dà Nang Fantastic Festival, the culinary space of the village market will take place from July 30 to August 5 at Biên Dông Park. It will offer a lot of unique content, which will help attract many tourists and locals.

In order to attract domestic and international tourists to Da Nang, the City Tourism Department has decided to offer during the Da Nang Fantastic Festival 2020 many attractive products and services. The aim is to revive tourism activities after the epidemic.

More specifically, the culinary space of the village market aims to present traditional culinary specialties, bringing together around 10 stalls of traditional Quang specialties, including the "banh trang thit heo" (a rice cake rolled with meat from pork), “bun mam nêm” (vermicelli with a sauce made from fermented fish), Quang noodles or even grilled meat noodles. All prepared by the famous restaurants of Dà Nang.

In addition, to create an even more exciting and exceptional atmosphere for the Festival, the Tourism Department will also organize the “Best Dà Nang Dishes - Delicious Quang Noodles” competition to honor the flavor of the famous “Quang Noodles” dish. », An essential specialty for visitors.

At the same time, visitors will also have the opportunity to try their hand at cooking, like a chef from Quang, and to cook their own typical dishes of this land, in a warm and family atmosphere.

In addition to traditional culinary activities, Dà Nang Fantastic Festival 2020 will also feature many new events, cultural and sporting programs and entertainment shows such as EDM music program, Flashmobs on the beach, art installations and shows. water sports shows.