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The sensory overload that is Na Hang Lake

The sensory overload that is Na Hang Lake

Situated between Na Hang and Lam Binh districts, 110 km from Tuyen Quang Town, the provincial capital, Na Hang lies at the confluence of the Gam and Nang rivers and spreads over 80 square kilometers.

According to local legends, Na Hang was where a gigantic phoenix
landed, leaving behind a footmark comprising 99 mountains.
Its appearance is often compared with the famous Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO natural heritage site in northern Quang Ninh Province, and has been dubbed the ‘Ha Long Bay amid mighty mountains and forests’.

Visitors can begin their journey by renting a boat to travel around the lake, visiting limestone mountains like Pac Ta and the famous Coc Vai Pha.
Coc Vai Pha rock is, according to a traditional fairy tale, the stake where giant young man Tai Ngao fastened the reigns of his buffalo.

“Na Hang is mesmerizing everywhere,” lensman Duong, a resident of Hanoi, said.

Na Hang’s emerald surface and the lush natural forests which remain relatively untouched by humans.

A no wave Na Rang Lake when a rain is coming.

A boat ride around Na Hang Lake usually takes 4 to 5 hours with stops at Pac Ta Temple, Phia Vai Cave or Mo Waterfall. Adventurous visitors should take in Khuoi Nhi Waterfall.

Na Hang’s primary forests are a part of the Tat Ke – Ban Bung Nature Reserve.

With its extreme beauty, Na Hang is an ideal ecotourism destination in northern Vietnam.

Visitors can stay at ethnic stilt-house homestays in Nam Dip Village, Lang Can Commune, Lam Binh District. They can enjoy some unique ethnic dishes made from mountainous pigs or Na Hang Lake fish and their host’s music performances.