08.09.2020, 09:44

Danang flight routes resume from September 7

Danang flight routes resume from September 7
Domestic airlines are resuming routes to Danang to satisfy the demand for travel and business

From September 7 Vietnam Airlines will reopen round-trip flights between Danang and other cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The schedule will be repeatedly updated after September 11 depending on the pandemic situation and the authorities requirements.

Bamboo Airways will also restart Danang-Hanoi and Danang-Ho Chi Minh City flights. Particularly, return tickets will be sold for a daily flight between Hanoi and Danang from September 8 to 15. From September 16 the number of flights will be extended to two flights a day. From October 1 there will be up to five flights a day.

Additionally, there will be one round-trip a day between Ho Chi Minh City and Danang from September 8 to 30 flight frequency will reach three round trips a day from 1 October.

Vietjet will launch flights between Danang and the capital and Ho Chi Minh City with one round-trip a day to meet the demand for travel and revitalise the economy of Danang as well as the Central Vietnamese and Highlands areas.

From September 10 Pacific Airlines will operate a round-trip flight a day between Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.

For now, airlines will be following social distancing instructions from the Ministry of Transport to minimise the risk of infection and recommend passengers to follow preventive measures for their own and the community’s safety.

Because of COVID-19 domestic airlines halted their routes to and from Danang from July 28.

By Truc Anh