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Relaxation at Saigon - Mui Né resort area

Relaxation at Saigon - Mui Né resort area
The Saigon - Mui Ne resort area. Photo: Saigontourist /CVN

Tourists can rent a bungalow with a view of the sea, the hill or even the flower gardens. The atmosphere of the bungalows on the hill is calm and popular with families or young couples on their honeymoon.
Many activities
The cuisine is a plus of the Saigon - Mui Ne resort area. The bun ca (fish vermicelli) and mixed fondue are the chefs' specialties. These two dishes are among the gastronomic wonders that tourists should not miss when visiting the province of Binh Thuan (Center). For breakfast, the Saigon - Mui Ne restaurant offers the famous banh xeo (Vietnamese pancakes), a great moment of taste pleasure.
Located some 20 km from downtown Phan Thiet, the resort area enjoys a strategic location for visiting the wonders of Binh Thuan province, for example Bau Trang, dunes otherwise called "little Sahara" of the South. West Vietnam. They are located about forty km from the resort area. To get there, you have to cross the fishing villages and the market of Mui Ne, you will discover contrasting landscapes. Many tourists come here to ride their motorcycles or drive their Jeep for more thrills.
After a few hours in the dunes, it's time to return to Phan Thiet to visit the sand painting workshop. Founded in 2009 by Phi Long, this site is now a must visit for tourists. Le Thi Ngoc, wife of Mr. Long, shares here her love for the inspired works of the seaside town, often created by handicapped craftsmen and people who are deaf or hard of hearing. All of these people share the same passion for beautifying the city.
Spirituality and landscapes

Mui Ne beach in Binh Thuan (Center).
Photo: Saigontourist /CVN

The ancient Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda is also an interesting destination. Located on Mount Ta Cu, at an altitude of 649 m, it was founded by the master Tran Huu Duc in 1872 and it allows tourists to better understand the virtuous way of the monks who live there. It is known
since 2013 for its Buddha statue, the longest in Asia.
Visiting Mui Ne without going to Cape Ke Ga and the old maritime lighthouse would be a big mistake! Located in Thuan Quy commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, it is the perfect place to watch the sunrise in Binh Thuan. On Cape Ke Ga stands its maritime lighthouse, built in 1897 one of the tallest and oldest lighthouses in Vietnam. In the small fishing village located just next to Cape Ke Ga, you will discover the incredible scenes of the daily life of the inhabitants of the coast and the delicious seafood destined for the local markets.
After a day of exploring the magical sites of Binh Thuan, it is time to return to the Saigon - Mui Ne resort area where you will be greeted royally and can enjoy the tranquility and peaceful atmosphere that reigns there.
Truong Giang /CVN

Saigon - Mui Ne resort area
The Saigon - Mui Ne resort area is one of the premier luxury relaxation areas to be built within the "resort capital" of Mui Ne. It has been famous since the 1995 total solar eclipse. The establishment has 91 rooms with different standings, in keeping with Vietnamese tradition and fully equipped. The restaurant offers Asian and European cuisine. There are also massage and health care services, swimming pools and other sports areas.
Address: 56-97 rue Nguyen Dinh Chieu, district of Ham Tien, town of Phan Thiet, province of Binh Thuan (Center)
Phone: (+ 84-252) 38473 02
Website: www.saigonmuineresort.com