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Unmissable street food during day trip to Kien Giang

Unmissable street food during day trip to Kien Giang
Herring sashimi. Photo: Vietnamnet

Kien Giang is famous for Phu Quoc Island and herring sashimi is one of must-try dishes when you travel to this beautiful island.

Rice noodle. Photo: Nguyen Thi Binh An

Bun ca, or rice noodle soup with grilled fish, is a one of the most popular dishes in Kien Giang province. Visitors can enjoy tasting the famous street food on Mac Cuu road in Rach Gia city.

Steamed coconut cake. Photo: Vietnamnet
Ken noddle. Photo: VOV

Bun ken, or traditional noodle soup, can be found on 30/4 road in Duong Dong town of Phu Quoc island, with the dish being a good suggestion for tourists. This unique dish is made from dried shredded fish, coconut milk, and curry powder.

Banh ống la dua, or steamed coconut cake, is a specialty that is local of the southern region. The dish can easily be found in Ha Tien town, with the cake being steamed very quickly, typically for just one minute.

They sometimes add seasame for a better flavor. Photo: VOV
Photo: VOV

Xoi Xiem, or Siam sticky rice, originates from Thailand and contains key ingredients such as mango, coconut, durian, and coconut milk.

Siam Sticky rice. Photo: Vietnamnet
Palmyra cake. Photo: Vietnamnet
Tram Mushroom. Photo: Vietnamnet
Fried rice with crab. Photo; Vietnamnet