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Discover Vietnamese street food with Smokey Banh Mi in Lille

Discover Vietnamese street food with Smokey Banh Mi in Lille
The team at the "Smokey Banh Mi" restaurant offers Vietnamese street food dishes in Old Lille.
No need to take a plane to travel, just go to Vieux-Lille (North). Since this Tuesday, September 12020 at noon, Vietnam has taken up residence at 8 avenue du Peuple Belge. Smokey Banh Mi, a restaurant entirely dedicated to Vietnamese street food, offers banh mi, bun bo and other tasty dishes that are really worth knowing.

We were already talking to you about Juliette's beautiful project last February. She has already had the opportunity to test the concept of Smokey Banh Mi at La Friche Gourmande during the two seasons at Fives. After months of work, a few twists and turns and a global health crisis, the young woman was finally able to open the restaurant of her dreams. His goal: to introduce Lille to the typical dishes that can be eaten in the streets of Saigon, his hometown.

Different dishes every month

On Smokey Banh Mi's menu, we find the essential banh mi (the Vietnamese word for sandwich). In an artisanal baguette made by the Degruson bakery, we will find tender and fragrant meat: pork smoked for 24 hours in beech wood (smoking is done on site!). As a garnish, Juliette and her team add crunchy sweet and sour vegetables, cilantro, and homemade mayo. Banh mi is also available in a veg version with smoked tofu. Count 1250 euros for the sandwich and its accompaniment: Vietnamese coleslaw.

The “banh mi” is served in baguette bread from the Degruson bakery.
Smokey Banh Mi also offers the now well-known bun bo. Again, they are prepared with smoked meat, as well as two chicken nems. And of course salad, vermicelli, roasted peanuts, coriander. Juliette has also added bun bo without pork (chicken nem) and also veggie (vegetable nem) on her menu. Count 1250 euros for a bun bo.

Juliette is also committed to “helping people discover the richness of Vietnamese gastronomy”. Also, each month, it will offer a different specialty. For the launch, we can therefore familiarize ourselves with the bun cha. This dish, similar to bun bo with the base made of rice vermicelli, is served with meatballs and beechwood-smoked pork belly. Count 14 euros to taste the “vietfood” of the moment.

For the month of September, the "bun cha" is in the spotlight.
Each dish can be taken as a formula: 15 euros (+150 euros for the vietfood of the moment) with a classic drink and 18 euros (+150 euros for the vietfood of the moment) for a little more dessert.
Soon a brunch.

Some adjustments still need to be made in the restaurant so that it is totally to Juliet's taste. “We are going to install plants. And we still lack the sign, ”she explains. But that will not be long in coming. It is already possible to sit inside (28 seats) to admire the superb fresco by Bruce Ligne, an artist and tattoo artist from Lille.

For now, the restaurant is open Monday to Saturday, from 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (until 10:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday). In a while, when the situation permits, Juliette will open Sunday lunchtime for brunch, and in the evening for deliveries via Uber Eats.

Text and photos: Hervine Mahaud /actu.fr

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