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Thanh Hoa: four ancient villages to visit

Thanh Hoa: four ancient villages to visit
One of the oldest houses in Dong Son village.

1. Dong Son, one of the most beautiful centuries-old villages in Vietnam
Believed to be one of the ten most beautiful ancient villages in Vietnam, Dong Son retains the cultural and architectural features of the Dong Son culture.
Located on the south bank of the Ma River, the village is nestled in the heart of a small valley and is bordered by fields. For history buffs, keep in mind that Dong Son is first and foremost a famous archaeological site filled with artifacts, so take this perfect opportunity to learn about local history and culture through visiting the national remains such as the temple of Le Uy and Tran Khat Chan, the archaeological sites of the Bronze Age or the pagoda of the village.
With its beautiful surrounding landscapes, clean air and the hospitality of its people, Dong Son village is an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
The common house of Quang Xa.

2. Quang Xa, the hidden village in the heart of the city
As soon as you arrive in Quang Xa village, you will be immersed in a completely different world, while staying in the middle of Thanh Hoa town. You will discover a typical village of North Vietnam with its 150-year-old common house.
From the village gate to the roofs of each house, to the market or on the walls, the vibrant traditional architecture of Vietnam materializes: the ornate patterns bear witness to the prosperity of the village over the centuries.
The village of Quang Xa is just 5 km from the center of town and is easy to access for bikers who like to get lost in the lush greenery of the village.
The Am Tien temple in the hollow of Mount Nua.

3. Co Dinh where the ancient language is still spoken
At the foot of Nua Mountain, the village of Co Dinh is the place to discover the diversity of the Vietnamese language as the villagers still greet each other in a unique ancient language with a specific vocabulary that has remained intact for thousands of years. Although the use of this language is less common among the younger generation, special terms are still used by the older generations.
Besides visiting the village gate and admiring the charming scenery, you can also visit the famous Am Tien temple, deep in Mount Nua, and maybe even learn a few words of the little-known local dialect.
The famous bronze drums make the reputation of the village.

4. Che-Tra Dong, the village of bronze craftsmen
The traditional craft of bronze casting in the village of Che-Tra Dong, in the district of Thieu Hoa, dates back to the XVII e century and was recently recognized as national intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. In particular, the village is home to the largest bronze drum Ngoc Lu, weighing 8 tonnes and 2 m high.
Throughout thousands of years of history, Tra Dong has hosted the country's most talented artisans. They have created many sophisticated objects that preserve the soul of Vietnamese culture. The products of Tra Dong are varied: cult objects, incense holders, bells and of course, the famous bronze drums which make the reputation of the village.
Despite the current context, the village remains a popular destination for tourists.
Text and photos: Thuy Ha-DL /CVN

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