21.06.2020, 09:25

Mobile games industry rises despite businesses suffer

Mobile games industry rises despite businesses suffer

Amanotes, the notable Vietnamese music-tech company, has accumulated 30% growth compared to 2019, reaching 1-billion global downloads for their apps this May.

Global Web Index published that ​40% of the quarantined population are keen on playing mobile games during their time at home. Revenue wise, there’s no sign for mobile game spending to slow down, as mobile games will reach ​$97.8 billion,​ or around 41% of total consumer spending by 2020. To put it into perspective, gaming app revenue has seen a jump of 37% since week 4 of this year’s quarter 2 ​as reported by AppsFlyer.​

“With everybody staying at home, everyday looks like a weekend now,” said Bryan Teo, COO at Amanotes, “which resulted in higher in-app playtime across our products. It was crucial to understand this impactful event and its implications to our business in order to leverage them to our advantage.”

The owner of many hit music apps (​Magic Tiles 3,​ ​Tiles Hop,​ ​Dancing Road​, etc.) observed a significant rise of 15% in monthly active users since the first month of global lockdown. During this sensitive period, Amanotes seized the opportunity on marketing spending to boost user acquisition and reached 1 billion downloads worldwide on May 22nd this year. Their top markets are the United States, Brazil, Mexico, India, Russia, etc.

Bryan also shared some advice for mobile game owners for further stages: “After the pandemic, you have to look past this temporary up-tick. 2020 led to an unforeseeable shift in all industries, so smart movers need to diversify their reach with new strategies, new segments, and new market approaches. That’s the only way to survive in this unpredictable time.”

As of May 2020, Amanotes has pioneered the music games industry with over 60 active games that topped the App Store and Google Play Store in 191 countries. Over 95 million monthly active users have spent nearly 54 billion minutes tapping, dragging and dropping. The impressive numbers crowned Amanotes the title “#1 Game Publisher in AZN + SEA by worldwide downloads” ​by App Annie for Quarter 1 in 2020.

The Vietnamese music-tech company doesn’t want to stop at creating games. With music being their backbone, Amanotes has planned to invest its technological expertise to explore different frontiers of interactive music, including music simulation and music education.

“Music to us is not a noun, it’s a verb. That’s what we embody in our slogan Everyone can Music.” Bryan explained the company’s vision, “We focus on creating an interactive music ecosystem, to help users not only to entertain themselves but also to listen, learn and even create music.”