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Phenikaa Group introduces natural lighting brand for health, based on Vietnamese technology

Phenikaa Natural True Circadian has built a sustainable ecosystem with a three “Centres” model operating in a closed loop from Training – Research – Commercial packing and transfer – Production – Sales, as well as established Phenikaa Electronics and announced ownership of the core technology of natural lighting for human health, which has paved the way for Phenikaa Group to launch the Phenikaa Lighting brand – the brand with the core technology that creates the first LED for health in Vietnam.

Three “Centres” model Ecosystem – the proactive and sustainable development platform of Phenikaa Group

The model of chain links between enterprises, universities and scientific research centres has proven its effectiveness around the world. In developed countries, many inventions, discoveries, and technological achievements that bring benefits to enterprises are derived from research by universities or scientific research centres. In Vietnam, this model is also gradually being put into practice, however, connections are mostly between independent and individual units. There are few enterprises that can form and develop a full ecosystem to operate this linkage model internally.

In Phenikaa, strong investment in building the three “Centres” model Ecosystem (Education Centre – Scientific Centre – Production Centre) is considered a proactive and sustainable development strategy of the Group. The three “Centre” model forms an organically linked activity chain to provide what the Group requires in business and production and the needs of society. It is also a solid foundation to produce quality products using the Group’s core technologies to provide people a better and more convenient life:

  • “Production Centre” is a manufacturing and business facility of the Group: This centre tests, applies and transfers scientific research into production; delivers and supports business lectures, and facilitates maximum experience and employment opportunities for students after graduation.
  • “Scientific Centre” is a scientific research facility, which promotes research and development activities based on practical requirements to solve real issues in the Group’s operations as well as society’s needs.
  • “Education Centre” is an education – training institution with the orientation of experience and innovation in line with international standards, training and supplying a high-quality workforce of adequate skills, mindset, attitudes, and quick-to-adapt capability and responsive transformation in the new age.

Belonging to a unique Phenikaa ecosystem, three “Centres” Production – Science – Education will always have tight association and cooperation through a closed cycle operation: Training – Research – Commercial packing and transfer – Production – Sales optimize efficiency and increase capacity. This model plays an important role in the Group’s proactive and sustainable strategy of development and aims to fulfill the aspiration of contributing to Vietnam’s talent and intelligence development, to result in science and technology achievements with high application and breakthrough impacts.

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Phenikaa Electronics – An important link in Phenikaa’s three “Centres” model in the field of technology and electronic industrial production

With the vision to become a leading Technology – Industrial Group based on smart production, smart technology, and smart materials, Phenikaa Group has invested to establish Phenikaa Electronics as a comprehensive intelligent production model. This is an important link in Phenikaa’s three “Centres” model where research in the core technology of the Group such as autonomous technology, mapping technology and lighting technology Phenikaa Natural TrueCircadian are tested, applied and transferred to production to provide products of optoelectronic materials, electronic circuits, self-propelled robots, LED chips, LED lighting equipment for human health and LED for other fields such as Industry, agriculture and public transport, according to international standards. Starting operation at the end of 2021, Phenikaa Electronics has become one of the most modern and advanced smart factories in electronic equipment manufacturing in Vietnam.

The outstanding feature of the factory is the application of intelligent and advanced technologies according to international standards in operation and management, including four intelligent systems: Smart energy system, Smart security system with multiple security layers, Smart production system, and Smart monitoring system. With modern management and operation, the factory has a capacity of more than 4.5 billion electronic components per year.

With the close association between members in the three “Centres” model, Phenikaa Electronics contributes to realizing the Group’s desire for further development on the innovation journey, and supplying end users with outstanding products for a convenient and intelligent life.

Phenikaa Group launches natural lighting brand for health, using Vietnamese technology

Phenikaa Lighting – Natural and Balanced Light with Phenikaa’s core technology 

Phenikaa Lighting is one of the remarkable achievements of the model of three “Centres” in Phenikaa.  Phenikaa Lighting’s civil products use natural lighting technology for human health, Phenikaa Natural TrueCircadian, researched, developed and owned exclusively by Phenikaa Group, is manufactured at Phenikaa Electronics with strict quality control process according to international standards. These are unrivaled LED lighting with quality light sources and natural light spectrums similar to that of sunlight, providing an enhanced and optimized biological light spectrum region for human eye absorption.

Phenikaa Lighting’s civil products have five main product lines consisting of Essenaa, Balagraa, Sunaa, Healthaa and Tunaturaa. With Phenikaa natural lighting technology, Phenikaa Lighting’s LED lights not only possess the same characteristics as conventional LED lights but also ensure bio-optical safety according to many standards, save energy and provide a high-quality light source. Each product line of Phenikaa Lighting has unique advantages and characteristics, applied in different environments, spaces and purposes.

Essenaa LED is an economical and safe product line. In detail, Essenaa saves up to 85% more energy than incandescent bulbs and satisfies photobiological safety standards, providing safety and comfort to the eyes throughout the day for all of life’s activities: working, learning and entertaining. Simultaneously, a wide range of colour temperatures from white light and neutral light to warm light, meet diverse lighting needs in different spaces and architectures.

Both outstanding production lines Healthaa LED and Tunaturaa LED apply natural lighting technology “Phenikaa Natural TrueCircadian” which has been patented and protected exclusively by Phenikaa Group Designing in accordance with the most recent requirements for Human Centric Lighting – HCL. Healthaa and Tunaturaa both create light sources that simultaneously balance the visual, emotional, and biological needs of the user.

Healthaa is the first lighting product in the market that meets the criteria of natural light quality (CRI = 95+), red reproduction index (R9 = 95) and enhanced bio-light energy (M/P = 1.04 – 1.18). These factors help Healthaa provide excellent light quality and aid concentration, vigilance and creativity. Therefore, this is considered the optimal product line for use in working and learning environments such as factories, offices, schools, etc.

Tunaturaa is a special production line with a supplemented bio-light area, optimized intensity of blue light area which creates natural light very close to the sunlight spectrum to improve performance when working, studying, and relaxing by effectively impacting the regulation of melatonin, an endogenous hormone that regulates the human circadian cycle (wake-sleep cycle). This is a distinction from other conventional light sources

The introduction of Phenikaa Lighting brand with high-quality smart LED products, providing natural, balanced light that is suitable for circadian rhythms and human health, at competitive prices, affirms the effectiveness of Phenikaa Ecosystem with three “Centres” model and Phenikaa’s proactive and sustainable development strategy; remarks and recognizes Phenikaa’s efforts and innovative achievements for the vision of becoming a leading Technology – Industry Group in smart devices, smart solutions and smart production.

Phenikaa Group will constantly innovate to create “Made by Vietnamese” products with high technology content, and outstanding quality, bringing smart and convenient life for human health.

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