26.12.2021, 20:38

Internet users in Vietnam will continue to experience slow speeds for over a month

The Asia Pacific Gateway, which connects Vietnam to the world through with Hong Kong and Japan, has encountered some problems since December 13 due to a ‘cable fault’.

The traffic loss due to the impact of this disruption was estimated at 1 Terabyte, according to the services provider.

The operator said that, repair work on the undersea cable will start February 2 and is expected to be completed on February 6.

“The speed is terrible in the evening. Except for the services provided by several mega companies the access to oversea websites became a nightmare”, John Smith, an internet user told Vietnam Insider.

Since 2017, the Asia Pacific Gateway had broken down three-five times each year.

Vietnam has six submarine cable systems and a 120 gigabit channel that runs overland through China.

Connected in November 2009, the $560-million Asia Pacific Gateway handles more than 60 percent of the country’s international Internet traffic.

The cable runs more than 20,000 kilometers (12,420 miles), connecting Southeast Asia with the U.S., passing through Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

As of January 2021, out of its population of over 96 million people, the number of internet users reached approximately 69 million, according to a global consumer survey by Statista.

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