14.12.2021, 10:30

SUN Multicurrency One-Stop NFT Transaction Platform–The Best Solution To Cumbersome NFT Transactions

NFT (non-fungible token) is a data unit of the blockchain (digital ledger), and each token can represent a unique piece of digital information.

Since these tokens are not interchangeable, NFT can represent digital archives, such as paintings, sounds, movies, in-game items, or other forms of creative works.

While the archives (works) themselves are infinitely replicable, they can be tracked through their underlying blockchains by tokens that represent them, thus providing the buyer with proof of ownership. Cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC have their token standards that define the use of NFT.

According to Nonfungible, the year 2021 witnessed the exponential growth of the NFT market, with the transaction volume reaching $754 million in the second quarter of 2021, up 3,453% year-over-year/quarter-over-quarter. In addition, the global payment giant Visa announced the purchase and collection of NFT digital works of art CryptoPunks for $150,000. FACEBOOK is also considering introducing functional NFT alongside its digital wallet. Therefore, as increasing giants aggressively gain access into the NET market, this market is ready to explode.

However, the cumbersome procedures of the NFT market are discouraging for many investment beginners. Moreover, even though all NFT projects in the market contend for attention, their complex product specifications make it difficult for beginners to acquire a detailed and thorough knowledge in the short term, and consumers need to switch to different pages to make their investments.

SUN, launched on December 13, 2021, is the world’s first multi-currency NFT investment platform which was born to solve the above pain points. Thanks to the simplified investment procedures and the simple menu design that clearly illustrates the product operation rules, consumers, with little time and effort, are enabled to understand the products they are going to invest in most efficiently through this platform.

The development of any financial system in the world is inseparable from an opportunity raised from the platform effect. The birth of SUN provides the NFT ecosystem with a new possibility of platform development model, enabling consumers to benefit more from platform development and quantitative investment. With access to SUN to participate in multiple quality projects, the platform can realize the two-way choice between the buyer’s market and the seller’s market and provide both parties with the most direct support for resources and traffic, enabling each party involved to achieve more efficient resource utilization.

SUN can take advantage of mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, FIL, BNB, SHIB, NFT, DOGE, AXS, USDT, etc. to form counterparty order books in major decentralized exchanges, realize deep learning of algorithms in smart contract systems, and automatically search and screen arbitrage transactions. In doing so, it can trade on uninterrupted liquidity injection and real-time changes to obtain market transaction commission, trade on the time difference, and counterparty orders without loss.

Meanwhile, liquidity mining can be carried out based on the SUN pledge, and the governance token ST of the SUN platform can be mined for free and without damage. Consumers can immediately convert ST into major cryptocurrencies within the platform or make secondary transactions in PancakeSwap.

Crypto finance is gradually increasing its market share in the traditional market, whose products, with higher returns and more profits made anytime and anywhere, are comparable to investment products. For those outsiders, the journey of investing in crypto assessment has just begun, and quantitative trading tools will jump on the bandwagon. Picking the right investment tools to avoid being interrupted by constant transactions, complex jargon, and inhumane transaction procedures will be fundamental for investors.

SUN, having been invested by Multicoin Capital, Defi Alliance, IOSG Ventures, Ethereal Ventures, Krane Ventures, and so on, is the best investment platform in the NFT market for it is easy to operate and yield high returns. To secure a stable income, choosing different liquid pledge pools is advisable. In the future, SUN will devote itself to ecological construction and provide consumers with more application possibilities.

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