04.11.2021, 10:34

Meta’s Climate Science Center in Vietnam launched

After changing its name from Facebook to Meta, the corporation has launched a new operation in Vietnam and other Asian countries.

Meta Corporation recently announced the establishment of Climate Science Centers (CSCs) in Vietnam and more than 30 other countries in the Asia – Pacific region. This activity has taken place at the same time as the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

The establishment and expansion of Climate Science Centers demonstrates Meta’s commitment to connecting people and providing guidelines for social media users on how to cope with climate change.

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According to Meta’s representative in Vietnam, to solve the problem of climate change, Meta prioritizes a methodical approach based on scientific awareness. Earlier this year, Meta partnered with the Yale Program on Climate Change Communications to survey Facebook users in 30 countries and territories to get their views on the issue.

The survey results show people’s attitudes, perceptions, behaviors and policy priorities when it comes to climate change. It also reinforces the company’s upcoming efforts to scale up actions to better respond to the global climate crisis.

For Vietnam, Meta’s survey disclosed that eight out of 10 Vietnamese would like to receive more information about climate change. Nearly nine out of 10 Vietnamese people said that they are “somewhat worried” or “very worried” about climate change.

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Nine out of 10 Vietnamese supported Vietnam’s participation in the Paris Agreement on climate change. In addition, more than eight out of 10 people thought that climate change should be a high to very high priority of the Government and a similar proportion expect the Government to do more to tackle this problem.

Meta’s survey also showed that Vietnamese people’s support for renewable energy is very strong. More than eight out of 10 people think that Vietnam should use more renewable energy sources. Up to 67% of Vietnamese respondents believed that action to mitigate climate change will improve economic growth and create more jobs.

Nick Clegg, Vice President of Communications & International Relations at the Meta Group, said social networks with strong connectivity will be able to amplify voices and spread meaningful information in society.

Meta is committed to cutting its environmental footprint and accelerating climate science advances in the community, while reducing climate misinformation.

Since 2020, Meta’s global operations have achieved zero carbon emissions and used 100% of renewable energy. The company also aims to achieve zero carbon emissions across the entire value chain and become a company capable of restoring more water in the environment than it consumes by 2030.

By Trong Dat @ Vienamnet

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