04.08.2021, 10:03

Vietnam’s internet speed is back to normal as undersea cable fixed

International internet traffic and speed in Vietnam have been back to normal as the reparation of undersea cable was completed.

Previously, Vietnam’s internet connection via the undersea cable broke down a mere two days after being fixed.

On July 19, a fault on a branch of Vietnam’s cable systems was broken, which affected about 15 percent of the total connection capacity from Vietnam to Hong Kong and Singapore.

The AAG is one of the five major undersea cables which account for the majority of Internet connection traffic from Vietnam to international destinations. According to Vietnam News Agency, the reparations was completed on July 31.

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The AAG runs more than 20,000km, connecting Southeast Asia with the US, passing through Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Vietnam.

During the coronavirus pandemic, people’s internet usage increased. Therefore, internet service providers often spread traffic on different cable routes to ensure the internet speed is optimal.

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