21.08.2020, 11:49

Vinsmart is successfully developing its 5G

Vinsmart is successfully developing its 5G
Vinsmart 5G telephones. Photo: CVN
Hanoi (VNA) - Vinsmart announced, Monday, July 6 the successful development of its Vsmart Aris 5G smartphone. VinSmart is the first Vietnamese company to successfully produce a terminal that supports 5G technology.

The event honors domestic companies for their design and production capabilities and provides Vietnamese users with the possibility of early access to world-class technology products.

Vsmart Aris 5G is the result of a collaboration between Qualcomm and VinSmart. A premium product, it has unique advanced features such as a monolithic metal frame. It supports 5G Sub 6 GHz network and has a built-in quantum security chip. Featuring the advanced Snapdragon 765 chip, its performance and capacity are guaranteed to be exceptional.

Vsmart Aris 5G is the world's first device to use a modular platform that enables flexible hardware design, speeds product development time, and supports most frequency bands used around the globe. This important feature will provide many benefits to VinSmart's global business strategy.

The Vsmart Aris 5G smartphone also makes a breakthrough in security technology by integrating the Quantis QRNG chip with quantum computing technology developed by VinSmart, in collaboration with IDQ Company (Switzerland). The Quantis QRNG security chip uses quantum computing technology to generate true sequences of random numbers, a more efficient solution than the algorithms in use today that generate pseudo-random numbers. Thus, this chip improves the safety and security of telephone data and in particular protects banking transactions or personal or medical financial data.

Nguyen Phi Tuyen - Director of Measuring Center, Telecommunications Department, said: “We have carried out several tests of the Vsmart Aris 5G. They prove that the 5G of Vsmart smartphones using the Sub6 band is almost 8 times faster than 4G and promises to get even better when VinSmart applies the mmWave band in the near future. We hope that VinSmart will accelerate the development and refinement of its other 5G products to advance this technology in Vietnam. Indeed, the development of 5G technology not only contributes to the economic development of the country but brings it into the connectivity era of the technological revolution ”.

In the near future, VinSmart will continue its research to perfect the next generation 5G products. Vinsmart's 5G phones will soon be able to support both 5G technologies: Sub6 and mmWave. The successful development of the Vsmart Aris 5G smartphone shows that VinSmart is ready to develop and master the most advanced technologies. This event confirms that Vietnam is rising to the rank of the most developed countries in terms of 5G technology and accelerates its participation in the industrial revolution 4.0.-CVN /VNA