20.10.2020, 09:07

Quảng Nam at risk of relegation

HÀ NỘI — Former champions Quảng Nam are at risk of relegation after taking only nine points from 15 matches in the V.League 1 this year.
Quảng Nam at risk of relegation

Coach Nguyễn Thanh Cong is on a mission to rescue Quảng Nam. Photo zing.vn

Now they find themselves at the bottom of the division, a far cry from three seasons ago when they were crowned champions.

Hoang Văn Phuc was coach when the team last won the league in 2017. He feels injuries to key players is a major reason for their current dip in form.

“Quảng Nam did not play well from the beginning of the season,” said Phuc.

“They struggled in the first matches, so the player’s mentality was affected. The current formation still has many key players who took the title in 2017. However, the problem is that the stability no longer exists.

“Captain Đinh Thanh Trung is still a good player, an example for the whole team. Huy Hung used to contribute to Quảng Nam’s championship, but this season, he did not play much due to his injury.

“Lacking Hung is the preventing the team unable from having the desired results. Other players such as Huỳnh Tấn Sinh and Ha Minh Tuấn also have had injury problems.”

This season, Hung has played nine games. Three years ago, coach Phuc succeeded in building the midfield duo Hung – Phan Thanh Hưng, who were the heartbeat of Quảng Nam’s styleaying.

Currently, both are struggling with injuries.

According to commentator Vũ Quang Huy, Quảng Nam’s dip in form is because the squad is not built on a clear foundation. Three seasons since the lifted the title, they still have most of the same team, but many are not performing to the levels they were in the past.

“After many seasons, the number of self-trained Quang Nam players is promoted to the V.League 1 is small. In the five-year cycle, no team in the league has a small number of self-trained players like Quảng Nam,” said Huy.

“This year, they still depend on the old players. Đinh Thanh Trung and Hung are in bad shape, they are unable to carry many tasks at the same time in the V.League 1.”

Quảng Nam have recruited many notable recruits over the years. Đinh Viết Tu and Nguyễn Hoang Quốc Chí are two players who had been called by coach Park Hang-seo to the national team.

Nguyễn Anh Hung and Đao Duy Khanh were also brought to reinforce the defence, but all struggled to integrate.

“Quảng Nam bought a series of players with good expertise,” said Huy.

“However, the common problem of all is the inability to integrate. The team have made efforts to invest, but playing football in a way that recruits players is always risky. The core point is still building the team from the internal strengths of the club.

“Quảng Nam four points behind Hải Phòng at the bottom of the league. In theory, they still have a chance, though with fragile hope. The appearance of newly-appointed coach Nguyễn Thanh Cong is expected to help the team create a miracle.

“Quảng Nam are in a difficult position, but the opportunity remains. They used to win the V.League 1 in a way no one expected. Therefore, it is possible that they successfully compete in the final matches. With football, everything is possible. Many national players and former national players are fighting with Quảng Nam. They hope all their efforts will be paid off,” said Phuc.

Today, Quảng Nam will face Nam Định at 5pm at Tam Kỳ Stadium. — VNS