06.09.2020, 23:24

Can you play online poker in Malaysia?

Can you play online poker in Malaysia?

Sky Casino Gold Club’s poker room is the first to offer cash games in the country. However, the government doesn’t license online gambling like they do land based gambling.

Hosting online gambling operations are clearly illegal in Malaysia. However, it’s not clear if participating in Malaysia online casinos is illegal. None of the laws specifically mentioned the act of gambling online.

Online casinos are the best venue for poker in Malaysia. Aside from Genting Highlands being far and poker rooms are scarce. Being able to do online gambling in the comfort of your own home makes it the best choice if you want to play poker in Malaysia.

Online gambling is not 100% risk-free. You have to decide for yourself if it is worthwhile. Although, most Malaysians who gamble online do so freely and without worry. Even though Malaysian banks are not allowed to permit payments to gambling sites, it is easy to get paid, make deposits, and place bets using internet wallets. Internet wallets make moving money in and out of poker sites problem free.

If you decide to gamble online in Malaysia, it is best to stick with international gambling sites. Gambling sites based in Malaysia are illegal and operate underground without any regulation. You are not guaranteed security if they decide to close down and run off with your money. By using trusted and major international gambling sites you are securing your safety.

Here is a list of reliable and trusted major international gambling sites to play poker in that you should check out:

Poker Stars

Poker Stars is the largest poker network in the world. It promises to give you the complete online poker experience. Complete with tournaments, cash games, live events – if you want it they probably have it and it is guaranteed to be good.

IDN Poker

The company is based in Manila, Philippines making it safe to use for Malaysians. They offer a massive game selection. The site is mobile-friendly so you can play using your phone. They offer tournaments, and carry a progressive jackpot that updates in real-time.

GG Poker

GG Poker is a popular destination for Asian poker games. GG Poker keeps things fresh and interesting. The site offers an innovative twist on the game and caters to players whose primary goal is to have fun playing online poker.

Party Poker

Has the best cashback system in the business. Party poker is easy to use and the company has made strides in recent years in meeting player needs. Getting started and familiar with the platform is really easy and simple. They assure that their site is user-friendly. They offer sophisticated gameplay.

Winamax Poker

One of the world’s biggest poker rooms. The more players the faster you will find the game you want. It is perfect for beginners. You can play games with players on your level.