06.08.2020, 19:21

Free ‘face mask ATM’ comes into operation in HCM City

Free ‘face mask ATM’ comes into operation in HCM City

The ‘face mask ATM’ is located at 240B Vuon Lai street in Tan Phu district

Technical staff check the camera ahead of putting the location into operation

Local citizens line up in order to access their free face masks.

People uses antiseptic hand-wash ahead of receiving their free face masks

A GrabBike driver receives a face mask that can be reused for 30 washes

Hoang Tuan Anh, a Vietnamese entrepreneur who has risen to fame after coming up with the idea of a ‘free rice ATM’ with a campaign launched in March 20 as a way of fighting the impact of the COVID-19, says his initiative stems from Ho Chi Minh City’s recent regulations on citizens wearing face masks in public places

Following the implementation of the new rules by authorities in the southern city, Tuan Anh advises residents to come and get their free masks

A haul of 10,000 face masks are added to the ‘face mask ATM’ on the opening day. The site in Vuon Lai is expected to deliver face masks each Thursday from 10:00 to 16:00, while other locations will be installed across the city in an effort to distribute free face masks for residents on the other days of the week.