01.08.2020, 11:03

Another COVID-19 patient dies, three deaths in total

Another COVID-19 patient dies, three deaths in total

The female patient, 68, died of leukemia, severe pneumonia and COVID-19, said a Health Ministry official, adding the patient was admitted to Da Nang Cancer Hospital on July 28 and died early on August 1 morning.

The woman who also suffered from diabetes and hypertension, had been admitted to Da Nang General Hospital before being transferred to the cancer hospital.

The patient tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus on July 30 and was then placed in quarantine at Da Nang Cancer Hospital for surveillance and treatment.

“She was suffering from leukemia in the final stage alongside severe pneumonia, and COVID-19 is just part of the cause of her death,” said Nguyen Gia Binh, member of the Treatment Sub-Committee under the National Steering Committee on COVID-19 Prevention and Control.

This is the third fatality of COVID-19 in Vietnam.

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