01.08.2020, 10:38

Vietnam loses one more person to Covid-19

Vietnam loses one more person to Covid-19

“Patient 499” was a resident of Da Nang, the epicenter of the Covid-19 relapse in Vietnam.

She was declared dead on Saturday morning at the Da Nang Oncology Hospital due to “malignant hematologic carcinoma in the final stage, severe pneumonia and Covid-19.”

She also had hypertension and diabetes, and was a regular patient at Da Nang Hospital, where she was admitted between July 18 and 23 for treatment. The hospital was locked down on July 27 after several cases of Covid-19 were found there.

She got a fever on Monday and was transferred to the Da Nang Oncology Hospital the next day where she was tested for Covid-19.

With her, three people have died within two days. On Friday two men aged 70 and 61 had died in Da Nang, also with comorbidities.

18 other patients, all older people with chronic diseases, are in critical condition, according to the Ministry of Health.

By Saturday morning, Vietnam has recorded 558 Covid-19 cases, including 182 active patients after 373 have recovered.