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Sun World Ha Long offers 60% discount on Queen Cable Car

Sun World Ha Long offers 60% discount on Queen Cable Car

From February 10 to February 28, Sun World Ha Long applies many attractive price policies and offers visitors many new experiences in the program “Beautiful spring travel”.

Accordingly, the price of the Queen cable car ticket is up to 60% discount, from 350,000 VND to 150,000 VND (only for Vietnamese tourists when buying at the ticket counter); Dragon Park ticket price reduced by nearly 70% from 350,000 VND to 100,000 VND. Fares apply for adults and children from 1 m to 1.4 m; Free for children under 1m. Particularly, Typhoon Water Park is temporarily closed.

Many funny gifts for visitors in the new spring.

On this occasion, Sun World Ha Long launches more landscapes and entertainment games at Dragon Park theme park area. The “sacred dragon land” glows in the colors of flowers, the golden yellow of the mustard flower, the bright yellow of the sunflower or the gentle pink of the carnation, welcoming visitors into the journey of discovering the joyful and exciting land.

More than 20 top modern games for all ages bring visitors into the fun without distance. Children and parents can travel into the fairy world with the happy Monorail train, spinning in a colorful space with the Swinging Cup Dance; soar on the merry-go-round; See miniature Paris on the Tour de Paris or relax on a Tropical Cruise.

The adventurous young people are free to explore their limits with speed games with increasing levels. The pirate ship makes you a talented sailor to overcome all storms and conquer the sea. Or you will be participating in “Following the Dragon’s Footprint” flying at high speed; The wheel of death will test your bravery with somersaults in the air or the fast-paced Flying Dragon game for those who are passionate about speed on challenging wavy lines.

The journey to discover “Sacred Dragon Land” continues to open with an exciting carnival game area and many challenging games such as basketball, darts, air gun shooting. Skillful, quick-witted, and quick-eyed gamers will receive a special gift of a unique and funny stuffed animal only available at Sun World Ha Long.

Returning from Dragon Park, surfing the Queen’s cable car, the Sun station, the art shows are waiting for you. Taking place from Tuesday to Sunday, the spring dance show brings a jubilant, vibrant, skillful and seductive performance. Next, the minishow “Love Melodies” – a dance praising the sweet couple’s love on the legendary love song – will make the journey to Sun Hill full of unforgettable emotions.

Leaving the Sun Station, visitors will touch a small, peaceful corner of Japan, watching the lively Koi fish pond, the small, peaceful Japanese garden, the red, curved Koi bridge. In the distance is the Sun Wheel, where you can see the whole Ha Long city from above. Here, visitors can admire the sunset on the heritage bay, where Travel+Leisure voted as one of the 4 most beautiful sunset spots in Asia.

A small, peaceful corner of Japan for visitors to enjoy the clear view of Sun World Ha Long.

Stepping through Sun Hill and the green lucky bridge is the spiritual architectural complex of Bao Hai Linh Thong Tu. Admiring Bao Hai Linh Thong Tu, admiring the features of ancient Vietnamese pagodas, enjoying the peaceful and pure space, bringing the soul to peace and relaxation will be an unforgettable experience on the journey to discover Sun Hill at Sun World Ha Long.

Spring is still full of discoveries. And with Sun World Ha Long, the whole spring is full of flowers, jubilant incentives are waiting.

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