07.02.2023, 21:50

Call the Civil Aviation Authority if your filght ticket higher than regulations

Call the Civil Aviation Authority if your filght ticket higher than regulations

According to regulations, the basic economy-class domestic airfare ranges from 1.6-3.75 million VND for each one-way leg excluding taxes and fees.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam has just issued a document related to the fact that in the past time, some mass media have reflected that passengers have to buy air tickets higher than the prescribed prices on domestic routes, especially during the peak of Lunar New Year in 2023.

This agency recommends that passengers should buy air tickets through the ticket office or official agents of the airline to ensure their rights when participating in air traffic.

“Passengers need to be careful when buying tickets through intermediary channels without clear addresses and origins. In particular, passengers should note that the airfare must not be higher than the specified fare,” emphasized the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam.

Circular 17/2019/TT-BGTVT on the price bracket for passenger transportation services on domestic routes stipulating that basic economy class passenger transport services are priced at 1.6-3.75 million VND/ticket one-way depending on the flight distance. This price does not include other receivables such as VAT, security fees, luggage, seats…

In the process of buying tickets through distribution channels, if the fare is higher than the regulations, passengers can report to the Civil Aviation Administration hotline (0916562119) with information including but not limited to ticket prices, routes, ticket agents, airlines… so that the Department has a basis to handle violations according to regulations, if any.

“So far, Vietnamese airlines have implemented many solutions to improve service quality and protect the interests of passengers traveling by air. In which, there is the sale of air tickets in accordance with the provisions of the law on domestic routes,” said the leader of the Civil Aviation Administration.

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