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Foreign tourists love to watch World Cup in Vietnam

Foreign tourists in Ho Chi Minh City share how they enjoy the biggest football event on the planet.

Alex Flavio (left) and Brittany (right) both travel and watch the World Cup in Vietnam.

“I asked my friends where to go to enjoy the World Cup atmosphere, they suggested we go to Ho Chi Minh City”, Hannah, a British female tourist, shared.

Must go to Vietnam to watch World Cup

Hannah’s group of friends plans to travel to Vietnam for a month. Accompanying her are Morgan and Ruari, both of whom enjoy the way football matches in Vietnam are enjoyed.

“I find it very interesting that restaurants have large screens for fans. Right from the group stage match, the atmosphere has been very exciting,” said Ruari.

Male tourists predict that in the final, people will go to see more, the streets will also be busier. Ruari is looking forward to enjoying this passionate cheering atmosphere.

The British tourist group like the atmosphere of football cheering in Vietnam.

He commented that English and Vietnamese fans are similar when they choose to go out to drink beer and watch football.

Brazilian striker, Alex Flavio, is quite surprised by the way football is watched in Vietnam. “Here, people usually watch football in the evening,” he said.

This player used to play in Vietnam and feels that the fans here are quite passionate. However, Alex Flavio said in Brazil, the atmosphere is more vibrant than that.

“Brazil is a country with endless passion for football and considers it a king sport,” he expressed.

The male player shared that in his hometown, during the World Cup, people will stop all work and cheer for the national team.

The Brazilian player commented that Vietnamese fans are quite enthusiastic.

Streets are also decorated to welcome this football event. Paintings of players from the Brazilian team will appear all over the streets, big and small.

When there is a goal, the fans are very excited and have actions to celebrate together. He shared that when he did it in Vietnam, people were quite surprised.

“I went to a pub to watch the Brazil-Serbia match. Every time Brazil scored, I shouted and cheered more passionately. However, in the bar, only my group did it,” he expressed.

Enjoy with family and friends

This is the 5th time MK, Korean tourists, come to Vietnam. He commented that the atmosphere of football cheering in Vietnam is very exciting.

“In my country, people often watch football at home with their family,” MK shared. For big matches, some squares in the central area also prepare projection screens.

The male tourist added that he did not feel the exciting atmosphere in Korea before each match like in Vietnam. According to MK, football is not a popular sport in his hometown.

“Vietnamese fans are so passionate. People spend a lot of time watching matches even though they are not the home team,” MK expressed.

When he arrived in Vietnam, MK quickly found many fans of the same Brazilian team and watched the matches with them. Male visitors found this experience very enjoyable. MK said that cheering and discussing with friends will make the match more attractive.

Like MK, Brittany, the American female tourist, often watches matches at home. She felt quite surprised when the shops in Ho Chi Minh City carefully prepared for this sporting event.

Foreign tourists love to watch World Cup in Vietnam

Korean tourists come down to the street to cheer with friends in Vietnam.

“Everywhere I go, I see big screens and the game schedule is posted everywhere,” the female tourist said. In the US, sports fans often watch matches in pubs, sports bars or stadiums.

She shared that in addition to football, Americans also cheer for many other sports such as baseball, rugby,… so the World Cup is not too attractive to the people of the country.

“Sometimes I also go with my friends to watch football matches. However, this is just an excuse for gatherings,” Brittany expressed.

The female tourist added that if they go out to watch football, Americans will go in groups and when there is a goal, they will cheer and comment together, even though they do not know each other.

In Vietnam, she did not see this. Brittany commented that Vietnamese fans are still quite shy in showing their love of football in public.

Like Brittany, British tourist Morgan sees the matches as an opportunity to meet friends. He is a fan of the Liverpool team. During the World Cup, male tourists often choose to watch matches with this team’s players.

“I don’t care where I watch football, but I have to have friends with me,” he shared.

Morgan added that he and other fans love the feeling of being together cheering and discussing the game. The places that male tourists often choose are pubs.

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