21.07.2020, 16:43

Australian consumers taste Vietnamese durian

Australian consumers taste Vietnamese durian

Nguyen Phu Hoa, head of the Vietnamese Trade Office in Australia, said the move comes following a successful campaign to promote the nation’s fruit in the market last year.

He revealed that seven tonnes of Vietnamese frozen durian have been shipped to the Australian state of New South Wales during the event, and hoped the fruit would hit the shelves of several other supermarkets throughout Australia in the near future.

According to the Vietnamese Trade Office, durian has been permitted to enter the Australian market as it is classified as a frozen fruit that can retain fresh flavours while meeting other high standards set by the demanding market.

The promotion scheme is aimed at introducing the high-quality agricultural product to consumers in Australia, therefore opening up greater opportunities for other farm items to make inroads into the market in the future.

Aside from gifts and prizes on offer to customers at the event, the Trade Office moved to introduce the fruit from the Viet-Aus Trade application, with fruit being put on sale at locations that have a large number of customers interested in the agricultural product.

Hoa emphasised that the Trade Office has planned to deploy other promotion events to introduce a wider variety of Vietnamese products this year.

The Vietnamese Trade Office will now provide free support for local businesses to participate in promoting their products in the Australian market through the “Buy 1 get 2 free” scheme and other several other media campaigns.

As soon as Vietnam Durian Week in Australia ends, the Trade Office will collaborate with another importing firm operating in the western city of Perth to launch a promotion event for a new batch of Vietnamese durian branded AAA, an item that is expected to arrive in Western Australia in early August.

Recent times have seen a surge in interest among Australian consumers for frozen durians. In addition to the Vietnamese durian, Australia has purchased the product from other Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and China, of which Thailand and Malaysia hold a large proportion of market shares.

To penetrate deep into the Australian market, Vietnamese businesses have been advised to launch brand marketing campaigns and increase the quality of the product.