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Contemporary Painter Artist Tran Thao Hien, who brings the “Color. Light. Line” to Moscow

Discover her artworks in the “Park Gorkovo” Museum in Moscow, Russia and collections in the US, France, Morocco, Korea, Russia, Vietnam, etc. We are sure, her creativity will inspire you.

Tran Thao Hien was born in Vietnam capital city of Hanoi in 1974. She graduated from the Russian State Geological Prospecting University (Moscow), Department of Economics before taking art classes by artist and teacher Elena Afanasyeva, an instructor of painting master classes and a leader of the International Women’s Club (IWC).

Since 2009, Hien began to participate in the local and international exhibitions. She joined the Creative Union of Professional Artists of Russia and has been its member since 2014. She is also the member of the Creative Union of the Artists of Russia.

Hien lives both in Moscow, Russia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Spring Road | Oil, canvas 60×70 @ Tran Thao Hien

Tran Thao Hien is known for her passionate and faithful love of plants and fruits. She has painted a variety of beautiful, charming, sensuous still life in different techniques which are indicative of her own expressive decorative style, according to Vietnam’s famous Painter Nguyen Dang Hiep.

Returning Home at Sunset. Canvas 60×80 @ Tran Thao Hien

She is a painter of simple beauty, intense emotions and passionate love. This is the reason why her paintings resonate with the viewer . They appeal to everyone for their delicate exquisite style, cheerful fresh colors, freedom-loving and daring/intrepid manner.  Prof. Dr. Trinh Quoc Thang, Member of Vietnam Writers’ Association said.

Tran Thao Hien at the studio

“When I attempt a new painting, I always ask the question “Why?”. I sit for quite a while, and only take the brush when I am totally convinced that I must create this painting. I love to discover new rhythms of emotional thinking, new color schemes” Hien noted on her personal website.

Hien will introduce a new collection with the “Color. Light. Line” theme to her 2nd Art Exhibition at Gallery Promgrafika in Moscow, Russia from September 06th, 2021.

“I am absolutely happy in the world of fine art, which makes it possible for me to escape from the real world. What a gift is the amazing feeling of total freedom! The paints make it happen. At the end of the day, I would like my paintings to bring love, joy, and happiness to everyone” Hien said.

Photos courtesy of Tran Thao Hien.

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