27.08.2021, 18:40

Apple’s ‘iPhone 13’ may cost more as its supplier plans to increase its production costs up-to 20%

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company—one of the top chipmakers in the world and an Apple supplier—plans to up its production costs by as much as 20%.

It’s previously been reported that processor manufacturer TSMC would prioritize Apple, and the automotive industry, over other firms as the global chip shortage continues.

However, TSMC is believed to be about to raise its prices — and now Apple is expected to pass that increased cost onto consumers for the next iPhone.

While this is definitely possible, we’ll have to see whether that price hike is spread evenly across the entire iPhone 13 lineup or if they’ll be only be tacked onto the higher-end Pro models.

Unspecified sources in the supply chain say that TSMC is shortly to raise its quoted prices for sub-7nm technologies. The “iPhone 13” range is believed to be based on a 5nm processor, the A15, according to Digitimes.

The current iPhone 12 is also based on a 5nm processor, so if Apple retains any models in its lineup, those may presumably face price increases at some point. Currently, the iPhone 12 is reportedly not seeing the usual slowdown in sales that are typical ahead of a new launch.

Digitimes has a poor history for predicting Apple plans, however its track record for information from industry sources is much stronger.

Apple’s ‘iPhone 13’ may cost more as its supplier plans to increase its production costs up-to 20%

First AirPods Pro Products Assembled In Vietnam Leaked In Photos

DigiTimes also reported that AirPods series suppliers Luxshare Precision and Goertek have resumed shipments at their Vietnam plant.

Both companies’ factories in Vietnam were shut down in the second quarter of 2021 (April-June) due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Luxshare Precision and Goertek are believed to be producing AirPods Max at their Vietnam plant.

It was also reported that the production of AirPods (3rd generation), which is rumored to be released on September 30, is also being carried out at the Vietnam plants of both companies.

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, it was expected that AirPods production would shift from China to Vietnam in May 2020, but recently there has been a move to return to China.

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