06.07.2020, 19:07

Science and technology talents awarded with Gloden Globe Awards

Ten outstanding science and technology talents were presented with Golden Globe Awards 2019 on July 6.

Science and technology talents awarded with Gloden Globe Awards

Talents awarded at the Golden Globe Awards on July 6.

The Golden Globe Awards and awards ceremony for outstanding female students in the field of science and technology in 2019 were held by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee.

The Golden Globe Awards were first held in 2003 and has become a prestigious award for researchers and scientists. In 2019, four months after its launch, the organisers received a total of 45 admissions from 24 units, including 38 male and seven female nominees. There is one ethnic nominee, 25 doctorate holders, seven master degree holders, and 35 state employees. The youngest was born in 2003 and the oldest was born in 1984.

This year, the nominees had to register online and send an introductory video about their studies, value of their research and future development.

The organisers also received more admissions from people living and working abroad compared to previous years. The quality of the projects was also higher. Many nominees have led national projects that are practical and effective. Many nominees hold patents and have won international awards such as Dr Dinh Ngoc Thanh from Soongsil University and Dr Vo Van Giau from Gachon University in South Korea.

Dr Hoang Van Xiem from the National University of Vietnam, Hanoi, said, “The award is an encouragement and a personal landmark for me. I have had more chances to meet and other talented people.”

There are two IT wards, two biotechnology awards, two environmental technology awards and two new material technology awards. The winners were given a cup, medal and VND20m in cash.

20 outstanding female students in science and technology were also honoured. 11 students won the awards in the science and technology category, two were in electrical , three in electronic and four in mechanical categories.