30.03.2021, 13:37

The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organization works on basis of voluntary democracy and equality

The Government has approved the statues of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO)

VUFO celebrated its 70th anniversary on November 2020

According to the statues, VUFO is a socio-political organization specialized in people-to-people diplomacy in the field of peace, solidarity, friendship and people's cooperation, a member of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front, playing the central role in people-to-people diplomacy and foreign non-governmental organization affairs; an organization engaged in external politics and a component part of Vietnam's specialized foreign affairs force.

VUFO operates for non-profit purpose in line with the Constitution and laws. It will expand, diversify and multilateralise partnerships to contribute to consolidating friendship and cooperation between Vietnamese people and those from other countries. It also pools support, solidarity and cooperation of people worldwide for the cause of national construction and defence.

VUFO offers suggestions and recommendations on regional and global issues related to people-to-people diplomacy, assists its member organisations in activities regarding peace, solidarity, friendship, people-to-people cooperation, and mobilizes and coordinates foreign non-governmental aid

November 17, 1950 is the Traditional Day of the Union of Vietnam Friendship Organizations.


1. Broadcasting the guiding principles and objectives of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations;

2. Establishing peace, solidarity, friendship and cooperation ties with corresponding organizations, non-governmental organizations and foreign individuals;

3. Expanding, diversifying and multilateralizing partnerships in order to consolidate and enhance the friendly and cooperative relations between the Vietnamese people and people of other countries, utilizing the sympathy, support, solidarity and cooperation of the people over the world to advance the cause of building and defending the Nation of the Vietnamese people;

4. Participating in influencing public opinions to protect national interests, especially on the issues of democracy, human rights and national sovereignty; promoting Vietnam's international image. Participating in encouraging Vietnamese people abroad to be homeland-oriented and supportive of activities that enhance the friendly and cooperative relations between Vietnam and other countries in economy, culture, education, science, technology ...;

5. Participating in regional and international forums, mechanisms and global people’s activities for the nation-state’s interests and for peace, sustainable development, justice, democracy and social progress;

6. Working as the standing agency for the Committee for Foreign Non-governmental Organization Affairs and the focal agency for foreign non-governmental organization relations and mobilization of foreign non-governmental aid as prescribed by law;

7. Contributing comments on the formulation of legal documents related to people-to-people diplomacy; making proposals to state institutions with authority over issues related to the development and area of operation of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations;

8. Conducting research and making recommendations on regional and international issues related to the area of operation of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations and people-to-people diplomacy;

9. Guiding and assisting member organizations in activities of peace, solidarity, friendship, people's cooperation and mobilization and coordination of foreign non-governmental aid;

10. Organizing the training and enhancement of professional knowledge and skills, organizing other services as prescribed by law;

11. Managing and using the financial resources of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations as prescribed by law;

12. Performing other duties assigned by the authorities as prescribed by law.

Jennifer Tran