02.07.2020, 15:07

Taiwanese drug trafficker sentenced to death in Vietnam

Taiwanese drug trafficker sentenced to death in Vietnam
Defendant Chen Tsen Wei in the courtroom on July 2 (Photo: VNE/Hai Duyen)

According to the indictment, Chen Tsen Wei , 34, and his two accomplices Yen Yung Chu va Yu Chi Fu have repeatedly entered Vietnam since November 2018 to traffic drugs. They rented warehouses in Binh Duong province and Ho Chi Minh City to store electric glue, but in fact to hide and ship drugs back to Taiwan.

After two successful deals in early 2019, Chen came back to Vietnam again in March 2019 to carry on the third affair. At about 20.30 on March 27, Chen and Yen Yung Chu were caught red handed transporting five carton boxes containing 895 cakes of heroin (approximately 317 kg) from Binh Duong to HCM City.

Chen offered bribes but was refused by on-duty police officers. He ran away and was detained shortly afterwards, while Yen managed to escape.

In the courtroom, Chen admitted that he had entered Vietnam and masterminded a drug trafficking ring from Vietnam to Taiwan.

Currently, the police are on the hunt for Chen’s two accomplices, Yen Yung Chu va Yu Chi Fu.