01.07.2020, 16:15

Two suffocate in Cao Bang cave

Two people in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang have been found dead in a local cave.

According to the initial information, at around 8 am on Tuesday, Hua Van Hay, 44, from Doai Duong Commune in Trung Khanh District used the engine of a rice plucking machine to help pump the water from 36 metre-deep Sa Deng Cave into his field.

Two suffocate in Cao Bang cave

The cave where the two men died

Around four hours later, he went into the cave for the pump check but did not come back after 20 minutes. After that, his wife Nong Thi Thien came into the cave to seek her husband, however, she also followed.

Then a local resident Hua Van Phui risked his life to come into the cave and found Thien had breathing problems. So he took her out of the cave. He also quickly suffered breathing difficulties. The two were taken to Trung Khanh General Hospital.

The four local men namely Hua Van Thuong, Nong Van Can, Nong Van Binh and Nong Van Du entered the cave to rescue Hay. However, Can and Binh faced breathing difficulties so they quickly escaped out of the cave. Meanwhile, Thuong and Du continued their effort.

When they saw Hay, Du failed to deal with suffocation and fainted, while Thuong tried to get out of the cave and also fainted near the cave entrance.

The victims were brought out of the cave at nearly 10 pm on the same day. Ha and Du had already died of suffocation.

Local authorities have decided to assist each victim family VND10 million (USD434.78).