30.06.2020, 18:58

Administrative reform seen as key role in EVFTA implementation

Administrative reform seen as key role in EVFTA implementation

Nicolas Audier was speaking at a dialogue called “Administrative reform – key role in the implementation of the EVFTA” in Hanoi on Tuesday ahead of the deal’s enforcement on August 1. He said, “Vietnam is now working on for business again even while other countries around the planet are dealing with the impact of the pandemic. This will create even greater incentives for European enterprises to invest in a safe, secure, and fast growing market.”

Discussions were focused on trade issues with the EVFTA including pharmaceuticals, health care, green growth, energy, and registrations of sanitizing products and e-commerce platform management.

Minister and Head of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung expressed his hope for further bilateral cooperation. “With the firm foundation created after 30 years of diplomatic ties, the implementation of the EVFTA and the EVIPA will create stable, long-term frameworks for optimizing cooperation and bringing the economic-trade-investment ties on par with the Vietnam-EU comprehensive partnership. ” said Dung.

The conference concluded with the launch of the 12th version of the EuroCham White Book.